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Fora HR Office

The project of office for 50 employees in the Kyiv city. The main task was to completely rethink the office space for the HR department, which had been in use for many years and needed a major overhaul. The main idea of the project is the transparency of processes.



Once, Pripyat was able to prevent a technogenic disaster of the Dnipro river and, as a result, drinking water for most Ukrainians. Slavutych is a reincarnated Pripyat, bearing the alternative name of the Dnipro itself, which is quite symbolic.


TheyAreNotThere | YikhTamNema. Memorial to ATO fallen warriors in Zhytomyr

The main project idea is integration the life of the city into the memorial creating a public and barrier-free space for people. The monument doesn’t have a high-level accent. It deepens two meters under the ground level and rises above it equally at two meters level. Thus, the standard of the typical monument of the Soviet era that has been popularised in Ukraine is rejected. The crater created by the memorial symbolises the scar on the city body and reflects the footprint that of Ukraine’s territory invasion.


Misiats Moon Station

Design of a modular station for the first colonizers of the Moon’s surface.


Sustainable Continuity. Implementation

office with green roof in kyiv

Sales office of Poetica residential block by Dmytro Aranchii Architects was implemented in 2018. Project makes an injection into city skin of public space despite its commercial function.


Lanzarote Music Tank

Lanzarote Music Tank is a project to rehabilitate an old reservoir in the Canary Islands. The goal of the project is to add new functions and use the old building to vitalize the life of a depressive district of a Spanish island. 


Ubiquitous Interactive Installation

iq business center parametric installation

ubIQuitos is a concept kinematic interactive installation. It is a 3d mirror for pedestrians and cars using kinematic and color changes to reflect local activities.


cardioTower. old factory pipe rethinking for unit city

cardiotower aranchii for unit city

cardioTower aims to provide healthy environment for the unit city. Its main idea is based on the mykola amosov heart training method, which starts from small loads and anticipates enhanced blood transportation.



Nochvy is a kitchen sink designed to subordinate form to the function.  Nochvy is made of artificial stone so that it can be organically integrated into a kitchen table-top. Collector is  triangle inclined surface and it helps to create a very holistic image and improves functionality. 


70 Years Later: Recharge

interior design moscow - computational architecture70 Years Later: Recharge is an interior design in Moscow, that represents studio-apartment with two bedrooms. Kitchen and living room / dining room can be connected with each other and are separated with mobile sliding partitions. The lightning stripe envelopes zones of human location in apartment providing distributed lighting and emphasising on transits between zones. Furniture, particularly in bedroom and hallway, make people`s transits more fluent.


Circles on the Water

apartment design kyiv - contemporary interior

Apartment design in Kiev on Lesia Kurbasa street. Dwelling interior for a young girl that is keen on sailing. Studio with separate sleeping place 42 m2.


Object. Information Space


The article in Object magazine (february-march 2015) is dedicated to computational architecture (parametric design). Architectural studio Dmytro Aranchii Architects is mentioned as pioneers of algorithmic architecture in Ukraine. It is demonstrated in the article by the project of Ukraine EXPO 2015 Pavilion


Ukraine Pavilion Expo 2015 Milan

ukraine pavilion milan expo 2015

Project of Ukraine Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015. Recently Ukraine has been ignoring the question of a worthily representation of of the national pavilion at the World Expo, so our proposal is an attempt to break the trend and represent the state in terms of the openness of social and economic development, which is reflected in construction sensitivity (adaptivity) to the environment and visitors. Being open to changes and be transparent in its` implementation – is the slogan with which we support our vision, offering Ukraine Pavilion architecture, while emphasizing on the universality of exposition.



ukrainian design kyiv parametric architecture

Photos of earlier published Rules of growth 2.0 interior design in Kyiv. Though usually we work intensely with the methods of parametric architecture in this project computational design means were applied to decorative parametric trees. The main goal was to create a contemporary interior with minimum of required but capacious furniture in order to save means and get maximum of free space.


AADRL Cellular Automata video

Computational architecture within a field of cellular automata, AADRL
The project Cellular Automata itself.


AA DRL Cellular Automata Workshop. Computational Architecture

computational architecture - cellular automata aadrl

Computational / parametric architecture stays very close to contemporary theory of algorithms. We have already implemented cellular automata and particularly game of life in architectural project Fashion Design Museum in Kyiv, 2009. Current project designed within the Architectural Association (AADRL) was aimed to go deeply into cellular automata theory and practice and to define the strategies of control the self-organizing system and to find the directions of usage in architectural design. Implementation of the algorithm for space tessellated into truncated octahedrons instead of usual cubic voxels also became a contribution into cellular automata research.


Octopus Tentacles. Interior design Kyiv

interior design kyiv - parametric architecture

Interior design of two-bedroom apartment in Kyiv, 69B Irpinska. Contemporary interior has a series of innovations by using methods of computational / parametric architecture, including the fact that for the first time in Ukrainian interior design practice we used 5-axis CNC milling machine for manufacturing panels with different curvature and bar counter for bottles of wine in apartment’s open space.


Magnetic field 2.0. Apartment design in Kyiv

interior Voronoi digram

Electromagnetic fields have already occupied a prominent place in computational architecture theory and have been used in one of our previous projects. Resumption of this theme aimed to make a wider research of the topic and variations of its implementation in design.


Kyiv Passanger Train Depot Renovation. Parametric Architecture

kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot - renovation project

Parametric architecture makes understanding of complicated processes easier. Kyiv Passenger Train depot is a huge area that can and should be used today for the Kiev benefit. In addition to converting the space that is now used inefficiently, into the favorite leisure place for urban residents, the project pursues a second very important purpose – to connect Chokolivka and Polytechnic Institute neighborhoods that are now cut apart, belonging to the Shevchenkivskyi and Solomianskyi Kyiv districts. Pedestrian access will allow direct communication, while bike paths set arrangement will rise bicyclization of the capital on a new level, creating a strong local center of health and ecology.


3D space for Transform clothing collection for Sqviral brand

architectural space for sqviral clothing collection

Parametric architectural space for designer`s clothing brand Sqviral. Virtual environment was created to serve an expositional background for Transform collection and complements general idea of transformation.


Magnetic Field. Flat Interior in Kyiv

magnetic field - parametric architecture ukraine

Another parametric design apartment in Kyiv is closely related to the study of the phenomenon of electromagnetic fields that have shaped the image of apartment and inhaled fresh algorithmic design in it.


Giant’s Wall

parametric design of room in moscow

Giant’s Wall is the project of multifunctional room in Moscow flat, designed on principles of algorithmic design and parametric architecture. Interiors include in itself the most important element – the wall, around which history of geometry and morphogenesis, functions, processes and scenarios of inhabitants’s behavior unrolls. Room can be a living room, bedroom or, dining room, if needed, because it has folding-sofa transformer-table. Giant’s wall is the room design in which minimalistic and pure-form things combines into non-standard puzzle obeying the rule of use and expedience.




2019 Ukrainian Urban Awards, M17 CAC, 3rd prize in implemented renovation nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
[head of jury – Christos Passas (Zaha Hadid Architects)]

2018 Ukrainian Urban Awards, noMad Architectural System of Behavioural Assembly, 3rd prize in innovations in architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
[jury: Michel Rojkind, Christos Passas (ZHA), Vicente Guayart (chief architect of Barcelona, founder of IAAC), Tina Saaby (chief architect of Copenhagen)]
2018 Ukrainian Urban Awards, CardioTower, 3rd prize in renovation nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 Greenroof Challenge, Dnipro Cliffs, 1st prize in private houses nomination, Moscow, Russia
2018 Greenroof Challenge, Sustainable Continuity, 2nd place in public architecture nomination, Moscow, Russia

2017 Laka competition: architecture that reacts, noMad Architectural System of Behavioural Assembly, 2nd prize, Warsaw, Poland
2017 Interior of the Year, Sustainable Continuity, 1st prize in green roof nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Signature Garden, 1st prize in public spaces nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Dnipro Cliffs, winner of low-rise architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Dipping into Work, 2nd prize in commercial architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 Interior of the Year, Apartment for Classmate, 3rd prize in flats nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
[in jury: Patrik Schumacher (ZHA), Andreas Klok Pedersen (BIG)]

2012 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, Master of Architecture, Kyiv Transport Hub Syrets, Mariia Aranchii, 1st prize, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2012 Finalists (with 3 works) of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of Competition, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, MArch Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis, Dmytro Aranchii, 1st prize, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2011 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, BArch in Vinnytsia, Mariia Aranchii, 1st prize, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2011 Logo and slogan Pull & Bear competition, 4th prize, Spain

2010 CIS architectural diploma competition-review, Bachelor diploma Sport/Health Center in Business Park, Dmytro Aranchii, 1st prize, Voronezh, Russia
2010 Bathroom Interior Archirosty (Rostex) Competition participation, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 Product design competition Bene Office Furniture 2012, 2nd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 Product design competition Nayada ArtDoors , 3rd prize, Moscow, Russia

2009 Designing in Teheran architectural competition, Tehran, Iran

2008 Architectural competition Albau Allplan, 2nd prize, Munich, Germany
2008 Public interior competition Knauf, audience prize, Kyiv, Ukraine

2007 Architectural competition House for Star, Moscow, Russia
2007 Living interior competition House From Natural Wood, 1st and 2nd prizes, Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia
2007 Cottage competition Golden Gates to Future, 3rd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine


2012 Parametric Panelization workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 Architectural Association workshop Bleaching Green, Madrid, Spain
2009 Urban Design workshop New Urbanism, Florence, Italy


2012 Report Implementation of Algorithmic Architecture into Educational Process, October 26th, 5 Ukrainian scientific conference Contemporary Architectural Education, architectural faculty KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 Report in field of parametric basis Algorithmic Architecture, October 25th, 5 Ukrainian scientific conference Contemporary Architectural Education, architectural faculty KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 Lecture More is Digital within Archisphere and Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of, September 18th, Centre of Modern Art M17, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Do androids dream of digital sheep or algorithmic design in Ukraine, Architectural Club, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 Introduction into digital architecture for parametric workshop of digital fabrication, KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine


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Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis

algorithmic methods of architectural morphogenesis. parametrics

Algorithmic / parametric architecture thesis was friendly met during defence as well as took 1st place at CIS MArch diploma competition-review in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Digital architecture and its methods are researched, classified and organised. Implementation based on author’s projects were shown.