Aranchii Architects

Computational | Algorithmic Architecture

Ukraine Pavilion Expo 2015 Milan. Video

Video of the Ukraine Pavilion for Expo 2015 proposal.


Animation Office interior near Maidan in Kyiv

Animation of computational design of office Deeping into Work near Maidan in Kyiv. Video explains the methodology of ceiling’s structure form finding in the interior. Computational architecture is context-sensitive in the project, while people represent the context.


AADRL Volume Material Workshop Video

The video of AADRL material workshop. Theodore Spyropoulos Studio. Team: Dmytro Aranchii, Yuqiu Jiang, Ilia Pereiaslsvtsev. Workshop dealt with minimal surfaces and plaster casting presented computing without computers.


AADRL Cellular Automata video

Computational architecture within a field of cellular automata, AADRL
The project Cellular Automata itself.