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Computational | Algorithmic Architecture

Penta Panels

seamless parametric wall panels

How many space-filling figures do you know? Penta panels is exactly one of this figures. . Its relief is the embodiment of transfiguration between a hard geometric contour of perimeter to a smooth geometry of rhodonea curve. The parameter of the curve is responsible for 5 petals.

See also other works of our studio, that are also connected to rhodonea curve


Octopus Tentacles. Interior design Kyiv

interior design kyiv - parametric architecture

Interior design of two-bedroom apartment in Kyiv, 69B Irpinska. Contemporary interior has a series of innovations by using methods of computational / parametric architecture, including the fact that for the first time in Ukrainian interior design practice we used 5-axis CNC milling machine for manufacturing panels with different curvature and bar counter for bottles of wine in apartment’s open space.


Octopus tentacles. Kyiv two-bedroom flat

contemporary apartment interior in kyiv


Hunters’ House architecture

hunters' house architecture krasnodar russia

Architectural design project Hunters’ House is located on the coast of the Azov Sea, at the Primorsko-Akhtarsk district of Krasnodar region in Russia. The project shows a draft proposal for simultaneous seasonal residence of five hunter families.


Kyiv Akademmistechko apartment interior design

kyiv double bedroom flat interior design

Comfort Town Kyiv. Studio apartment design started

comfort town kyiv studio apartment

Comfort Town design Kyiv. We started to process new order of single-bedroom apartment interior in Kyiv residential complex named Comfort Town situated on Reheneratorna str.

Watch project of apartment in Comfort Town


Transport hub design process

Transport hub design

The project of the transport hub was preceded by a few determinative phases

transport hub urban study

Urban study of the site

transport hub vertical functional zoning

Scheme of vertical functional zoning of the site and the railway station building, spatial concept

transport hub track calculating

Calculating of required number of tracks

transport hub visualizations in white

Visualizations of obtained shape in white colour

Syrets transport hub Kyiv

architecture: transport hub kyiv in winter

Transport hub in Kyiv, Syrets metro station is designed to unload central city railway station and create convenient connection for passengers of different transport kinds on diverse levels. The transport hub (node) is integrated into Kyiv landscape combining natural ‘plants islands’ in green artery along the flow of Syrets stream.