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Sustainable Continuity. Implementation

office with green roof in kyiv

Sales office of Poetica residential block by Dmytro Aranchii Architects was implemented in 2018. Project makes an injection into city skin of public space despite its commercial function.

NAME: Sustainable Continuity
LOCATION: 25a Dehtiarivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: site appx. 400 m2, building appx. 150 m2
DATE: design 2017-2018, implementation 2018
PROGRAMME: apartments sales office
PHOTO: Alik Usik, Serhii Nikiforov
AWARDS: 1st prize in green roof nomination, Interior of the Year 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine; 2nd place, GreenRoof Challenge 2018
PHOTO: Alik Usik, Serhii Nikiforov
STATUS: implemented
ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Aliona Nadzhafova (Bondar), Yevhen Kravchenko

The building is a large slope with a green roof that rises from the
ground level to 4.5m height. Making a bit more than half a circle
rotation architecture provides public space around and small
semi-patio. The building structure is designed as a modular metal frame. Its northern arc is completely glazed and the building itself is turned so the
transparent part faces pedestrian radial paths and passing cars. Energy
efficiency and ecology parameters are provided not only by green roof
but also by using heating pumps for heating and cooling and heat
recovery ventilation.

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The organization of internal space is simple and clear – comfortable zones for clients are located along the southern arc while kids zone is situated closer to lighting. Reception is planned in front of the entrance dividing space into public (with meeting room) and staff zones. 3
tables for work with clients in the open space are merged to single fluid surface, which forms the seat back at the same time.

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green roof in autumn

beutiful green roof in kyiv

parametric green roof kyiv

einter look of office with green roof

parking of of apartment's sales office

parametric office exterior

Poetica sales department parametric design

facadeof apartment's sales office

einter look of office with green roof

poetica view from the above

interior of of apartment's sales office

interior of enso'ds sales centre

interior of office inkyiv parametric

parametric office interior for developer enso

interior of of apartment's sales office for enso

white office interior

sales office main hall

minimalistic conference room

conference room in poetica office

round office interior

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