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AA DRL Cellular Automata Workshop. Computational Architecture

computational architecture - cellular automata aadrl

Computational / parametric architecture stays very close to contemporary theory of algorithms. We have already implemented cellular automata and particularly game of life in architectural project Fashion Design Museum in Kyiv, 2009. Current project designed within the Architectural Association (AADRL) was aimed to go deeply into cellular automata theory and practice and to define the strategies of control the self-organizing system and to find the directions of usage in architectural design. Implementation of the algorithm for space tessellated into truncated octahedrons instead of usual cubic voxels also became a contribution into cellular automata research.

The aim of the study was to develop an algorithm that analyzes the system and cellular automata based on the statistical data decides how to change the input parameters (rules of growth or initial generation) and modifies the geometric structure of the system given the strategies that are necessary for the achievement of design (frame search, combining in clusters , etc.). Much of the workshop was dedicated to testing of various input conditions and rules’ generation. The second phase consisted of obtaining numerical data from the complex system. Third was the interpretation and searching the path of application of numbers obtained. And fourth – a change of the morphology of generative field and the manufacture of a physical model of the variations’ catalogue and graphical explanation of the search tree of desired result.

DATE: 2013
PROGRAM: First part of MArch, algorithmic and software workshop
THEME: Self-organizing and self-assembly systems, cellular automata, game of life
UNIVERSITY: AADRL (Architectural Association, Design Research Laboratory), London, UK
PUBLICATIONS: Suckerpunchdaily, Evolo

TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii [Ukraine], Paul Bart [Germany], Yuqiu Jiang [China], Flavia Santos [Brazil]
TUTOR: Mostafa El Sayed
STUDIO: Theodore Spyropoulos Studio

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Video of cellular automata generation

aadrl cellular automata computational architecture

Physical models

parametric architecture aadrl cellular automata

Physical nodes of the structure

cellular automata parametric architecture aadrl

Macro of printed 3d aggregations

aadrl parametric architecture cellular automata

Evolution of system analysis

cellular automata aadrl computational architecture

Comparison of 3 major strategies

parametric architecture aadrl cellular automata

parametric architecture aadrl game of life

Diagram of key operations

aadrl computational architecture cellular automata

Structure decomposition, frame making, clasterization

game of life cellular automata aadrl

Catalogue of generations, explanation of the cellular automata system structure. Structural grid variation

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