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Octopus Tentacles. Interior design Kyiv

interior design kyiv - parametric architecture

Interior design of two-bedroom apartment in Kyiv, 69B Irpinska. Contemporary interior has a series of innovations by using methods of computational / parametric architecture, including the fact that for the first time in Ukrainian interior design practice we used 5-axis CNC milling machine for manufacturing panels with different curvature and bar counter for bottles of wine in apartment’s open space.

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TITLE: Octopus Tentacles
LOCATION: 69B Irpinska str., Akademmistechko metro station, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 115 m2
DATE: 2011-2013
PROGRAM: Studio apartment with two bedrooms
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Implemented

ARCHITECTURE: Architects Dmytro Aranchii
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Mariia Aranchii
PHOTO: Oleksii Fedorenko | Objects360

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Apartments interior design in Kiev was created as a modern home for a family of parents and girl of primary school age. Main redevelopment aimed to get a unified spatial and visual area of the kitchen, living room and dining room. Arrangement of two wardrobes – husband’s in corridor and wife’s in the bedroom also became peculiarity of functional configuration.

Parametric model of wine-storage panel and the bar suffered many alterations and modifications that thanks to parameterized geometry took place quickly and seamlessly. The method also provided an opportunity to avoid the stage of production drawings and manufacture artificial stone product directly from three-dimensional model for five-axis CNC machine. Craters-lamps of different diameter and different heights dropping from the ceiling (depending on the zones need for light) were combined into a single network of minimal surfaces. Parametric rhodonea curves (see also in our project Apartment for classmate) serve as handle cutouts in furniture and vary the number of petals comparetively to the rooms` size.

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parametric interior design kyiv

Wine storage panel attached to the pylon has convex nature, allowing to place 8 modules for bottles

interior design kyiv - computational design

Parametric model (which can be easily modified the during the design process without total changes) of the bar significantly saved time and allowed to get a form that meets the ergonomic requirements as well as sensual desires of the customer

parametric design -kyiv apartment interior

The result of computational design in the interior of the apartment and the quintessence of 5d CNC machine work

apartment design kyiv - parametric design

Light-crater illuminates the recreation area round the sofa

parametric architecture - kyiv computational design

In the dining room – there is a large round table for 6-8 people, and a “crater” of concentrated light, while the othercrater – illuminates the center of the refrigerator-oven-bar triangle

parametric design - interior design kyiv

Floor pattern connects movement trajectories and destinations – interior doors – in the corridor

parametric design - interior design kyiv

Built-in wardrobe and dressing room doors in the hall with solid frameless glazing

apartment design kyiv - computational design

The pattern on the floor in the hall is one of the accents straight under lighting crater (geometric center of the room – a place for changing shoes). It communicates with the to the bathroom, bedroom and children’s room doors

computational design - interior design kyiv

Craters that are centers of functional areas in an open space of living room-kitchen-dining area are combined into a single ceiling extensive system

bathroom design photo - interior design kyiv

Bathroom with mosaic picture which connects the shower-set mountings

parametric architecture - design kyiv

Pixelated mosaic panel graphically emphasizes the function of the wall above the bath

parametric design kyiv ukraine

In the bathroom there are two mosaic panels – over bath and toilet

contemporary apartment design photo

Guest bathroom. Rhodonea curves in carved furniture handles have 4 petals (the smaller room is – the more petals it has)

parametric design - ukraine kyiv interior

The construction for the installation continues into the same configuration closet

parametric design kyiv - toweldryer

Smooth toweldryer shape in front of parametric rhodonea curves

parametric architecture - apartment ceiling plan

Ceiling plan with lightning centers

interior design -manufacturing drawings

Drawings of furniture in the child room

interior design kyiv - apartment plan

Apartment plan

parametric interior - child room design

Place for classes in the child room

interior design kyiv - child room

Mobile drawer cabinet in child room

parametric design of child room in kyiv

Child room. Bed with Stairs-drawers and wardrobe narrowing cascade-like from the window to the door. Turning the TV to the sofa under the bed causes slope cascades. The sofa is used as an extra sleeping place for granny that can often visit her granddaughter

parametric architecture - interior design detail

3 petals of the cutout handles – medium sized room. In open space petals are the smallest – degenerate into a circle. Parametric rhodonea curves as furniture handles

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