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Photos of earlier published Rules of growth 2.0 interior design in Kyiv. Though usually we work intensely with the methods of parametric architecture in this project computational design means were applied to decorative parametric trees. The main goal was to create a contemporary interior with minimum of required but capacious furniture in order to save means and get maximum of free space.

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NAME: L-Systems (Rules of Growth 2.0: L-Systems)
WORK NAME: Viliamsa / Vlm
LOCATION: Viliamsa str. 3/7, Liko-Grad, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 54 m2
DATE: 2013-2014
PROGRAM: Single bedroom apartment with bedroom / living room and kitchen with an extra sleeping place
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Implemented
PUBLICATION: the Village

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Mariia Aranchii, Denys Demeshonok, Ihor Kishta

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ukrainian design - parametric architecture kyiv

Bedroom/living room contains a working zone in its corner

ukrainian interior design - l-systems

design ukraine - apartment in kyiv

The room also contains a lot of storage volume which is almost invisible, as it is represented by a minimalistic wardrobe that is perceived as a wall. Space above the door is used for an entresol, which forms a single volume with the rest of the wardrobe.

parametric design - flat in kyiv, ukraine

Wall is decorated with a rough plywood “tree” which starts with a recessed part of ceiling.

l-systems - interior design ukraine kyiv

The geometry of this decorative part was generated on the base of L-system theory combined with attractors / starting straight from the ceiling and being symmetrical the tree was deformed attracted to the light.

l-systems flat parametric design ukraine

So called branches can also get thinner to the end as it happens in nature.

ukrainian design - parametric flat kyiv

There left a lot of space for dining and leisure in kitchen due to compact cooking zone that is situated in the deep of the room.

parametric design - l-system interior kyiv

Transforming and transiting one surface to another became one of the main principles in kitchen.

design ukraine - parametric apartment kyiv

Kitchen furniture was designed with turning and continuing orthogonal planes in order to remain useful and convenient.

apartment design kyiv - parametric ukraine

The countertop is solved in two levels, the lower level matches table height to provide more solid surfaces.

l-system design. ukraine parametric architecture

The smaller room is the less branches form the parametric tree.

flat design - interior kyiv ukraine

interior parametric design kyiv ukraine

kiev l-system design apartment ukraine

kyiv ukraine parametric interior design

Totally “wooden” bathroom is a cozy place to have a rest in.

kyiv ukraine parametric interior design photo

ukrainian interior design, parametric kyiv

interior design photo kyiv ukraine

contemporary ukrainian interior design

A grate dressing room is situated behind a mirror wall in the lobby.

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