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KLO Flagship Gas Station store interior

Gas Station store interior in a modern style

The project of the store at the flagship gas station complex KLO.

NAME: Flagship store of KLO
LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 240m2
DATE: 2020
PROGRAMME: Flagship store of KLO gas station
STATUS: in the realization

ARCHITECTURE: Aranchii Architects
TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Bohdan Hadzhylov, Victoriia Kuzmyna, Vladlena Volhushyna, Anna Sotnyk, Anhelina Hladushevska, Yevhen Kravchenko

The task was to develop a space for a shop, gas station and cafe with self-service. The main task of flagship gas station was to attract the attention of both Kyiv residents and guests of the capital, to be engraved in their memory to increase brand awareness. Strict technical requirements and prescribed processes within the cafe / gas station / shop system set boundaries to the project.

Elements of the ceiling flow along the walls in the shelf. In the centre of the room, there are several weightless levitating “stalactites” hanging from the ceiling. Shelves with goods are placed on them. Other centres of functional zones are crowned with disk lamps. Magnetic lines made of wood form an integral shell of space and all its functional zones. Navigation on the floor helps the visitor to quickly find the desired function and not to get lost.

store interior design kyiv
parametric ceiling constructions
wooden ceiling constructions
computational design interior
drawing plan of the store
organization of the space of the store at the gas station
drawing the location of lighting points
drawing plan of the ceiling structure
parametric design of the KLO flagship gas station store
view of the interior of the store
traffic navigation in the store
interior computational methods of architecture
design of a coffee shop at the gas station
modern design of a gas station
design of the cash register area in the store at the gas station
cozy place for a cup of coffee
cozy place for a cup of coffee
parametric morphogenesis of the interior of the store
parametric shaping of the interior of the store
design of store shelves at the gas station
led profile in the interior design
toilet interior design at the gas station
parametric shaping of the interior of the store
interior design of an inclusive toilet
modern interior design of cafe
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