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Ubiquitous Interactive Installation

iq business center parametric installation

ubIQuitos is a concept kinematic interactive installation. It is a 3d mirror for pedestrians and cars using kinematic and color changes to reflect local activities.

Relevant project of a 6000 m2 green space Signature Garden in Kyiv downtown [under construction]

LOCATION: IQ business center, Kyiv, Ukraine
DIMENSIONS: 6 x 2.4 x 2.4 m
DATE: 2016
PROGRAMME: Innovative installation in front of business center
STATUS: Competition

ARCHITECTURE: Aranchii Architects
DESIGN TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Yurii Petreniuk, Aliona Bondar, Yelyzaveta Tymoshchuk, Anhelina Hladushevska, Yevhen Kravchenko

cardioTower for Unit city

Proposal is also based on Hoberman spheres mechanics. Spheres are able to widen and contract in response to human position.
Thus people are reflected by size of the spheres as well as by their lighting color.

dmytro aranchii architects iq center\

Photos of implemented Domus Design Pavilion

iq business center parametric architecture

parametric installation kinematic mechanism ukraine

dmytro aranchii architects diagram kinematics

ukrainian parametric architecture hoberman sphere

kinematic architecture hoberman sphere

kyiv computational architecture hoberman sphere

computational design - kinematic  installation kyiv

kinematic installation parametric architecture ukraine

kinematic architectural installation

parametric voxelisation diagram

computational kinematics ukraine aranchii

dmytro aranchii architects kinematic installation

masterplan parametric kyiv ukraine

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