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Magnetic field 2.0. Apartment design in Kyiv

interior Voronoi digram

Electromagnetic fields have already occupied a prominent place in computational architecture theory and have been used in one of our previous projects. Resumption of this theme aimed to make a wider research of the topic and variations of its implementation in design.


Kyiv Passanger Train Depot Renovation. Parametric Architecture

kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot - renovation project

Parametric architecture makes understanding of complicated processes easier. Kyiv Passenger Train depot is a huge area that can and should be used today for the Kiev benefit. In addition to converting the space that is now used inefficiently, into the favorite leisure place for urban residents, the project pursues a second very important purpose – to connect Chokolivka and Polytechnic Institute neighborhoods that are now cut apart, belonging to the Shevchenkivskyi and Solomianskyi Kyiv districts. Pedestrian access will allow direct communication, while bike paths set arrangement will rise bicyclization of the capital on a new level, creating a strong local center of health and ecology.


3D space for Transform clothing collection for Sqviral brand

architectural space for sqviral clothing collection

Parametric architectural space for designer`s clothing brand Sqviral. Virtual environment was created to serve an expositional background for Transform collection and complements general idea of transformation.


Magnetic Field. Flat Interior in Kyiv

magnetic field - parametric architecture ukraine

Another parametric design apartment in Kyiv is closely related to the study of the phenomenon of electromagnetic fields that have shaped the image of apartment and inhaled fresh algorithmic design in it.


Giant’s Wall

parametric design of room in moscow

Giant’s Wall is the project of multifunctional room in Moscow flat, designed on principles of algorithmic design and parametric architecture. Interiors include in itself the most important element – the wall, around which history of geometry and morphogenesis, functions, processes and scenarios of inhabitants’s behavior unrolls. Room can be a living room, bedroom or, dining room, if needed, because it has folding-sofa transformer-table. Giant’s wall is the room design in which minimalistic and pure-form things combines into non-standard puzzle obeying the rule of use and expedience.




2021 Design of an envelope for Dytiachyi Svit department store’s new facade, Dytiachyi Svit 2.0, 1st prize, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Coexistence Rooftop, volute (main prize) in implemented landscape architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Black Coexistence, winner of the implemented interior nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Eco Park, winner of the urban planning project nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, KLO Flagship gas station store, winner of the interior design project nomination Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 Interium Competition, Black Coexistence and Black Octopus, grand-prix, Kyiv, Ukraine

2020 National Landscape Design Award, Coexistence Garden, 2nd place in the commercial buildings nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 National Landscape Design Award, Coexistence Roof, 3rd place in the category of commercial objects, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 NASA Space App Challenge Kyiv, Architectural System of Behavioral Assembly noMad, 1st place, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 Moonception Competition, Misiats Space Station, finalist (top 10, honorary award), India
2019 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Rethinking the Center for Contemporary Art M17, winner of the renovation nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Standing Continuity, winner of the nomination of commercial architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 Ukrainian Urban Awards, M17 CAC, 3rd prize in implemented renovation nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine [head of jury – Christos Passas (Zaha Hadid Architects)]

2018 Ukrainian Urban Awards, noMad Architectural System of Behavioural Assembly, 3rd prize in innovations in architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine [jury: Michel Rojkind, Christos Passas (ZHA), Vicente Guayart (chief architect of Barcelona, founder of IAAC), Tina Saaby (chief architect of Copenhagen)]
2018 Ukrainian Urban Awards, CardioTower, 3rd prize in renovation nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 Greenroof Challenge, Dnipro Cliffs, 1st prize in private houses nomination
2018 Greenroof Challenge, Sustainable Continuity, 2nd place in public architecture nomination

2017 Laka competition: architecture that reacts, noMad Architectural System of Behavioural Assembly, 2nd prize, Warsaw, Poland
2017 Interior of the Year, Sustainable Continuity, 1st prize in green roof nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Signature Garden, 1st prize in public spaces nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Dnipro Cliffs, winner of low-rise architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 National Union of Ukrainian Architects, Dipping into Work, 2nd prize in commercial architecture nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 Interior of the Year, Apartment for Classmate, 3rd prize in flats nomination, Kyiv, Ukraine [in jury: Patrik Schumacher (ZHA), Andreas Klok Pedersen (BIG)]

2012 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, Master of Architecture, Kyiv Transport Hub Syrets, Mariia Aranchii, 1st prize, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2012 Finalists (with 3 works) of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of Competition, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, MArch Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis, Dmytro Aranchii, 1st prize, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2011 Ukrainian architectural diploma competition-review, BArch in Vinnytsia, Mariia Aranchii, 1st prize, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2011 Logo and slogan Pull & Bear competition, 4th prize, Spain

2010 CIS architectural diploma competition-review, Bachelor diploma Sport/Health Center in Business Park, Dmytro Aranchii, 1st prize
2010 Product design competition Bene Office Furniture 2012, 2nd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 Product design competition Nayada ArtDoors , 3rd prize

2009 Urban Design workshop New Urbanism, Florence, Italy

2008 Architectural competition Albau Allplan, 2nd prize, Munich, Germany
2008 Public interior competition Knauf, audience prize, Kyiv, Ukraine

2007 Living interior competition House From Natural Wood, 1st and 2nd prizes
2007 Cottage competition Golden Gates to Future, 3rd prize, Kyiv, Ukraine


2012 Report Implementation of Algorithmic Architecture into Educational Process, October 26th, 5 Ukrainian scientific conference Contemporary Architectural Education, architectural faculty KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 Report in field of parametric basis Algorithmic Architecture, October 25th, 5th Ukrainian scientific conference Contemporary Architectural Education, architectural faculty KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 Lecture More is Digital within Archisphere and Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of, September 18th, Centre of Modern Art M17, Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 Do androids dream of digital sheep or algorithmic design in Ukraine, Architectural Club, Kyiv, Ukraine
2011 Introduction into digital architecture for parametric workshop of digital fabrication, KNUCA, Kyiv, Ukraine


2012 Dmytro Aranchii. Context-sensitive systems’ connection with architecture. Kyiv, Ukraine, Modern Problems of Architecture and Urban Design, The Collection of Proceedings, Issue 30’ 2012. pp. 30-34
2011 Dmytro O. Aranchii. Point Attractor and Linear Affine Transformations. Kyiv, Ukraine, Applied Geometry and Graphics, The Interdepartmental Collection of Proceedings, Issue 87, 2011. pp. 53-55
2011 Dmytro Aranchii. Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Master of Architecture thesis, Kyiv Ukraine, 17 June 2011, -186 p.
2010 Dmytro Aranchii. Applying of Lyapunov Fractal in Architecture. Kyiv, Ukraine, The Industrial Art and Design, The Collection of Proceedings,
Issue 8, 2010. pp. 15-19

Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis

algorithmic methods of architectural morphogenesis. parametrics

Algorithmic / parametric architecture thesis was friendly met during defence as well as took 1st place at CIS MArch diploma competition-review in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Digital architecture and its methods are researched, classified and organised. Implementation based on author’s projects were shown.


Syrets transport hub Kyiv

architecture: transport hub kyiv in winter

Transport hub in Kyiv, Syrets metro station is designed to unload central city railway station and create convenient connection for passengers of different transport kinds on diverse levels. The transport hub (node) is integrated into Kyiv landscape combining natural ‘plants islands’ in green artery along the flow of Syrets stream.


Parametric Rhodonea curve and attractor

rose curve parametric architecture with attractor

Parametric architecture has many faces of geometry. Thus the parametric curves implementation is not an exception. In 2011 Dmytro Aranchii started a research concerning interactive alteration of curve array’s form under the influence of point linear attractor. Program realization was made in Processing language and environment about a year ago. Presently algorithm is available for testing on our website. You can influence on input parameters of algorithm in real time via easy graphical user interface, causing change of curves’ form and defining its geometry and morphogenesis.


Kyiv fitness center. Health sport complex Boryspil

parametric architecture - kyiv sport center

Parametric architecture of sport center in Boryspol near Kyiv. Algorithms of panelling and tessellation were written to achieve individual patterns of facades.
Fitness club is situated on active highway between capital of Ukraine and main national airport. Center is integrated into business-park structure with area of 220 000 m2 as well as administration buildings, educational center structures, hotel and office buildings. Business park workers and guests have ability to feel good visiting swimming pool, saunas, spa, gym and cardio section, group sections and universal playground of gaming sports.