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Ukraine Pavilion Expo 2015 Milan

ukraine pavilion milan expo 2015

Project of Ukraine Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015. Recently Ukraine has been ignoring the question of a worthily representation of of the national pavilion at the World Expo, so our proposal is an attempt to break the trend and represent the state in terms of the openness of social and economic development, which is reflected in construction sensitivity (adaptivity) to the environment and visitors. Being open to changes and be transparent in its` implementation – is the slogan with which we support our vision, offering Ukraine Pavilion architecture, while emphasizing on the universality of exposition.

We started to be concerned about the problem after Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The chronology of the design may be represented the following way.

At the beginning of 2013 (15 March) Dmytro Aranchii held a lecture Expo Pavilion Parametrics in Kyiv Expo Plaza (video [in Russian])

At the same time winter-spring parametric semester at the Department of Information Technology in Architecture in KNUCA began. It finished with the June presentation of works designed with algorithmic methods on Ukraine Pavilion at World Expo 2015 course tutted by Dmytro Aranchii and Andrii Frolov.

Watch results of the parametric spring semester in KITA KNUCA 2013 (photo and video [in Ukrainian])

At the same time Dmytro Aranchii Architects studio started work on developing the Pavilion concept, which resulted in the beginning of 2014 the first phase – the prototype of the full scale pavilion and was published in early summer 2014.

Watch prototype project of Ukraine Pavilion Expo 2015 in Milan Prototype by Dmytro Aranchii Architects

So now we present to you a new Ukraine Pavilion in Milan concept, based on these developments and research.

LOCATION: Milan, Italy
AREA: Building area 625 m2
DATE: Design 2013-2014
PROGRAM: Pavilion of Ukraine on World Expo 2015 in Milan
STATUS: Concept

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach, Mariia Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Tetiana Bashtova
STUDENTS: Ievhenia Kovalchuk, Anastasia Parfeniuk

COLLABORATION: Denys Hendzeliuk, Andrii Frolov

20 million people visited Expo 2010 in Shanghai, while the expected statistics of the Milan Expo 2015 is 30 million of visitors. This allows to represent the widest possible Ukrainian vision on problems of expo. Adaptive pavilion interacts with the natural and anthropogenic (human) environment by adjusting the size and nature of the holes in their constituents – panels / modules. The strategy may be applied to 3 possible scenarios.

ukraine pavilion expo - parametric architecture

1 Panels open, allowing people to see through them
2 Holes increase due to lack of light or reduce to avoid overheating
3 Perimeter of the holes in the panels change for better protection of people from rain and wind

ukraine pavilion expo 2015 milan

Ukraine Pavilion at Expo 2015 uses a prominent development of Ukrainian engineer from Slavutych Vladimir Melnikov using fuel briquettes (actually working on biofuel) for adaptation and implementation of algorithms of previously described transformation

pavilion of ukraine expo 2015 in milan

Pavilion is a partially embodiment of the idea of ​​the Greek Agora – location of the national assembly. The only difference is that lively trade took place in the Agora (equivalent component is pavilion exposition – “investment interest”), and in the pavilion as well as on the site there is a place for people – a simple thing, which is so lacking in today Ukrainian cities. Pavilion will be transported to Ukraine after the exhibition and involved as part of the public space, creating recreational behavior scenarios for residents of the modern city

parametric architecture - ukraine pavilion 2015

ukrainian pavilion world expo 2015

We have decided not to interfere into exposition specific details but to give the participants and professionals in ecology and agricultural industries an opportunity of the widest choice

parametric architecture - pavilion of ukraine expo

The main feature of the created atmosphere is the effect of unity with nature and interaction with the pavilion as with a living organism

history of world expo - pavilions architecture

Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Baki Fuller geodesic dome in Montreal, winning Pavilion of Melnikov, who gave way to architectural avant-garde – that is not a complete list of what World Expo gave the mankind. It is also called the World Championship on Architecture by joke. And it should be noted, not in vain, as each country tries to be remembered not as much with an exhibition pavilion as to impress with a shell, which influences much the attitude of visitors to its content

world expo 2015 in milan context

The theme of the Expo, as we know, is the power of life and desire to “feed the planet.” We have deliberately not tied Pavilion with any particular exposure, but instead created a versatile space for walks, get-togethers and just relaxing. Whatever Ukraine will show in its environmental and agricultural achievements, it has the opportunity to show it in a place for people that also adapt to people with maximum openness

lyapunov fractal - morphogenesis of pavilion

Fractal geometry – stochastic Lyapunov fractal – self-similar structure, which we gave the third coordinate and which has relatival symmetry and predictable fractionally depending on the initial conditions, was engaged in the design process

morphogenesis of ukraine pavilion expo 2015

Three-dimensional Lyapunov fractal matrix. Shape symmetry and density dependency on the input parameters. Testing suitability to context (design site)

ukraine pavilion expo 2015 - transportability

Pavilion area of ​​625 m2 can be easily disassembled and fit into 3 containers, making it possible to manufacture in Ukraine, transportation in Milan, collections Expo, disassembly and reverse transportation in Ukraine, because one of the conditions is the world’s fair pavilion disassembly and release area

modularity of ukraine pavilion in milan

Unification of design: space filled with shapes, filling it without gaps. Standardization is applied to connections between decomposed elements (triangles, squares and hexagons in different combinations and orientations)

parametric architecture - pavilion of ukraine expo

Criteria of 3 types of modules that make up the Pavilion. Isosceles triangle, square, and regular hexagon

computational design - adaptive pavilion module

Parametric rhodonea curve. The shape dependency on the parameters that affect the number of petals, their expression and scale

expo ukraine pavilion - parametric architecture

An umbrella mechanism for panel expansion: mechanism stretches the membrane between the static outer and inner dynamic contours

ukraine pavilion 2015 - sensitivity diagram

Pavilion responds to people and position of the sun. In first case it becomes transparent close to a human, opening holes in the panels. In the second case it approximates data about overheating and lightning, adjusting the area of ​rhodonea ​openness to meet the need in the light and avoid overheating

parametric curve - ukraine pavilion expo

Geometric properties of different panel states – openness, areas and angles

Animation showing the principle of the pavilion based on its prototype

Early 2013 (15 March) Dmytro Aranchii gave a lecture Expo Pavilion Parametrics in Kyiv Expo Plaza (video [in Russian])

Watch results of parametric semester in KITA KNUCA 2013 (photo and video [in Ukrainian])

Watch prototype project of Ukraine Expo 2015 Pavilion in Milan Prototype від by Dmytro Aranchii Architects

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