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70 Years Later: Recharge

interior design moscow - computational architecture70 Years Later: Recharge is an interior design in Moscow, that represents studio-apartment with two bedrooms. Kitchen and living room / dining room can be connected with each other and are separated with mobile sliding partitions. The lightning stripe envelopes zones of human location in apartment providing distributed lighting and emphasising on transits between zones. Furniture, particularly in bedroom and hallway, make people`s transits more fluent.

Stalinka (typical flat of Soviet period in USSR) gets a second breath in form of contemporary minimalism with a light intervention of zoned lightning algorithm.

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NAME: 70 Years Later: Recharge
WORK NAME: Kozhukhovskaia / KZH
LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
AREA: 80 sq. m
DATE: 2014
PROGRAMM: To transform stalinka into studio apartment
Client: Private

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Mariia Aranchii, Ihor Kishta

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moscow interior design - parametric architecture

Dining zone with music corner

dining room moscow parametric interior

Open sliding partitions connect kitchen with dining room / living room into a single open space

Вітвльня інтер'єр Москва - параметричний дизайн

Living room contains cinema watching zone

кухня інтер'єр москва - обчислювальний дизайн

Kitchen is functionally minimalistic and has a separate entrance in case sliding partition is closed

kitchen interior moscow - parametric architecture

Kitchen facades are minimalistic white and wooden without any protruding surfaces

moscow kitchen design - computational architecture

Russian american dream corner – washing dishes is accompanied with admiring the view outside the window

kitchen window - moscow flat design

If you get bored admiring the view there`s an additional tv

moscow flat -master bedroom parametric

A cabinet in front of bed gently creates a fluent transit

computational design - moscow apartment bedroom

The desktop along the whole wall under the window allows the owner to work and his wife to make up

moscow apartment design - computational lighting

The bed is accompanied with two nightstands for books and gadgets

moscow interior design - master bedroom

The table is console and gives freedom of movement along it

moscow interior design - work place

in child room the desk is also situated simply in front of the window

kid room - moscow flat interior

The wall opposite to sleeping place has enough modules for boy`s storage

kid room - moscow interior design

Additional cabinets are executed in one level with sofa-bed

moscow interior design - kids room

Circles on the ceiling lighten studying,video and relax zones

flat interior design - moscow parametric

Entrance zone

hall design - moscow flat interior


hall interior - moscow apartment design

Bathroom is executed as much united as possible

moscow interior design - bathroom space

Laundry washing also takes place in bathroom

moscow parametric design - bathroom interior

moscow flat interior - bathroom design

bathroom interior moscow - parametric architecture

moscow flat interior - toilet design

parametric design - toilet moscow apartment

Toilet with built in cabinets and hidden installation

moscow flat interior - plan with furniture

Planning and functional zoning

computational design - enveloping diagram

Lines distribution around people

moscow flat interior - light lines

Combination of plan and enveloping lines

moscow flat interior - lighting diagram

The result is lighting system able to provide uniform light around most probable position of people in flat’s space

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