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Prykhystok Skyscrapers

shelter refugees in a short period

A skyscraper project to shelter refugees in a short period.

NAME: prykhystok skyscrapers
YEAR: 2020
PROGRAMME: Modular autonomous self-assembly system for shelter
STATUS: Competition

ARCHITECTURE: Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Anhelina Hladushevska, Vladlena Volhushyna, Natalia Kovalenko, Victoriіa Kuzmina, Anna Sotnyk

The skyscraper is a response to the rapidly growing number of forced migrations around the world. It is designed to build and provide refugees with housing and necessary services quickly.

The tower is made entirely of self-replacing modules in the shape of a truncated octahedron, so the size and program of the skyscraper can be easily adapted to the needs of a group of refugees.

providing refugees with housing and necessary services
skyscraper of self-replacing modules
various configurations of housing cell
modular shelter for refugees
cheap and fast housing for refugees
the mutual location of residential cells in the skyscraper
floor plan of a prefabricated skyscraper
functional zoning of the skyscraper building
affordable housing for migrants
octahedron-shaped residential module of a skyscraper
the skyscraper is designed by computational methods
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