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Circles on the Water

apartment design kyiv - contemporary interior

Apartment design in Kiev on Lesia Kurbasa street. Dwelling interior for a young girl that is keen on sailing. Studio with separate sleeping place 42 m2.

NAME: Circles on the watter
WORK NAME: Lesia Kurbasa, LSK
LOCATION: Lesia Kurbasa str., Borshchahivka, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 42 sq m
DATE: 2014
PROGRAMM: Appartment for a young girl
CLIENT: Private

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Mariia Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach, Ievheniia Kovalchuk

Studio apartment consists of openspace, bathroom and wardrobe. Bed can be hidden behind sliding partitions if necessary. There’s a linear kitchen in openspace, dining, reading and cinema watching zone and exit to the terace.

The wall with the ceiling reflect people`s staying on the sofa and in bed by two wave zones, that overlap and create a spatial interference.

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apartment design kyiv - parametric architecture

Dining zone is separated in apartment space

circles on the water - apartment design kyiv

Corner with a large window contains a spacious dining table

kyiv interior - contemporary apartment design

Interference on the wall connects two main relax zones in apartment space

apartment design kyiv - open space interior

Reading place is surronded with calming greenery and fireplace

apartment design kyiv - open space design

Bed is hidden behind the sliding partitions if necessary

apartment design kyiv - kitchen open space

Kitchen is a tranzit from entrance to the livingroom

kitchen in open space - apartment design kyiv

Kitchen configuration is linear, its intervention to the space is minimal

hall in kyiv apartment design

In the hall there is an access to the wardrobe and openspace

bathroom design -circles on the water interior

Both bath for relax and shower for rapid lifestyle are in the bathroom

bathroom design - kyiv apartment

Shower is integrated to the room by minimal means

bathroom interior design - kyiv apartment

Toilet nook is separated from the rest of the bathroom with translucent glass partition

kyiv khrushchevka studio design plan

Everything described above can be understood within the plan

contemporary apartment design in kyiv - plan

Material and schematic view

interior kyiv - form finding diagram

Some architects decorate interior space with paintings. We generate form which emphasizes function and processes in a space and which is integral fluid continual part of the whole space

Main leisure places in the open space are bed and sofa. Average people position become centers of wave distribution.

circles on water - parametric interior kyiv

Diverging from the centres as a concentric circles waves are interfering between one another

parametric interior kyiv - interference architecture

Waves laying on one another phenomenon is called interference. We developed an algorithm which creates resulting surface in 3-dimentional space

circles on water - interference architecture

Starting waves’ amplitude fades creating an effect limilar to circles on the water

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