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Kyiv Passanger Train Depot Renovation. Parametric Architecture

kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot - renovation project

Parametric architecture makes understanding of complicated processes easier. Kyiv Passenger Train depot is a huge area that can and should be used today for the Kiev benefit. In addition to converting the space that is now used inefficiently, into the favorite leisure place for urban residents, the project pursues a second very important purpose – to connect Chokolivka and Polytechnic Institute neighborhoods that are now cut apart, belonging to the Shevchenkivskyi and Solomianskyi Kyiv districts. Pedestrian access will allow direct communication, while bike paths set arrangement will rise bicyclization of the capital on a new level, creating a strong local center of health and ecology.

The depot renovation architectural conceptual design was also long-standing initiative of our workshop and V. Kyrpach’s diploma at the Department of Information Technology (DITA) Architectural Faculty of KNUCA. The diploma supervisors were the head of DITA Valerii Tovbych and Dmytro Aranchii.

NAME: Kyiv Passenger train depot rennovation
LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: Site area 826 550 m2, total building area 427 550 m2, total green area 399 000 m2, total area of buildings 28 500 m2, building volume 207 500 m3.
DATE: 2012-2013
PROGRAM: Kyiv Passenger train depot rennovation
STATUS: Concept

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
SUPERVISORS: Valerii Tovbych, Dmytro Aranchii
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach, Mariia Aranchii

In fact, the renovation project of Kyiv Passenger depot consists of 2 important architectural and planning features:
1. Multifunctional park at ground level which includes areas that somehow tend to already existing context. Here are some of the most important elements of this level.
The stadium is designed according to modern standards, allowing it to hold competitions unlike neighboring already outdated and wrong oriented according to cardinal CSKA stadium.
Today the design site has a slope for extreme cycling with springboards, created by enthusiasts. However, the project contains a proposal to create perfect route, as well as a special area for modern BMX. Such experience can be partially learned from loud and successful renovation project of Madrid River Manzanares. Giving territory to pedestrians and cyclists is also common to all European trends.
Even distribution of public toilets on the site, facilitating people’s comfortable staying within the complex, is of course provided.
The project proposes to create a standing public beach zone during the summer because there are no open natural water bodies in the neighborhood and it will remind of Lybid that used to be a powerful ground river.
Locomotives museum will become a tourism feature to attract visitors – there vehicles’ history will arise on fragments of real railway lines. The museum is suggested to be underground with a glass roof, along which you can walk, and even see the exhibition not only from the ground, but also from bridges.
2. Bridges – for faster pedestrian and bicycle intercommunication “air” level – the level of bridges- is provided. Here there is also a magnificent view of the 1st level. It is meant that the first level is more focused on entertainment and long and leisurely pastime while the second is mostly focused on pedestrian and bicycle transit between Kiev Polytechnic Institute and Chokolivka.

First level design methodology included the design of environmentally adapted quarters and establishment of a smooth and convenient park routes network. In addition there is an altitude variation of park cells – alternating small ground mounds with buildings and structures and high lattice structures for birds nesting. Altitude alternation and ripple tends to local centers of the complex.
Regarding the bridges level, multi-agent systems (MAS) and logic swarm intelligence were applied in it`s design. Emulation of moving bird flocks allowed to design routes based on the real behavior of living beings (including humans), adding this movement a third coordinate, that helped building bridge geometry close to optimal in terms of getting from key points of one neighborhood to another.
The project is one of the implementations of the Dmytro Aranchii PhD, dedicated to context-sensitive generative systems and artificial intelligence in architecture.
We believe that if the Kyiv Passenger depot renovation project is not implemented at least partially in the nearest future, it will positively draw public attention to existing problems and show effective problem solution based on methods of algorithmic/parametric architecture!

renovation project - research

Topography, buildings’ morphology, the altitude scheme and availability of public transport

kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot - area photos

The area is used inefficiently. Despite the ban of walking on rails and very uncomfortable environment, people step dangerous railway tracks as going straight is effectively in terms of time

renovation project - the availability of communication

An important part of the project was to combine two cut apart neighborhoods – Polytechnic Institute and Chokolivka

park cells morphogenesis - hair algorithm

Creating paths went simultaneously with designing cells. The first had to find a compromise between smoothness and the optimality, the second – had to be proportional to the purpose

projects renovation - general plan

A lot of things found their place at the construction site, most of them somehow tend to existing context. Stadium, training complex, center of extreme sports and public standing beach zone were among other designed objects

landscape morphogenesis - point attractors

Territory cells altitude graduation scheme

bridges morphogenesis - swarm intelligence

Shortcut paths creation – multi-agent systems (MAS) algorithms implementation, examples of which we see in nature

bridges morphogenesis - metaballs

Metaballs – morphing tool for building bridges shells around the obtained paths

parametric architecture - kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot

Landscaping (multifunctional park with buildings) below, a network of bridges above

parametric architecture - multi-agent systems (mas)

Bridges shells themselves are transparent

depot kyiv - parametric architecture

The new project geometry origins from the scale and proportions of the surrounding areas, representing a smooth transformation / flow between them

renovation project - functional zoning

Administration, public toilets

depot renovation - functional zoning

Parking for multifunctional park visitors’ cars

kyiv pasazhyrskyi depot - functional zoning

Plan of the stadium, locomotives museum, public standing beach zone, etc.

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