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Magnetic Field. Flat Interior in Kyiv

magnetic field - parametric architecture ukraine

Another parametric design apartment in Kyiv is closely related to the study of the phenomenon of electromagnetic fields that have shaped the image of apartment and inhaled fresh algorithmic design in it.

NAME: Magnetic field
WORK NAME: Urlivska / url
LOCATION: Urlivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 100 m2
DATE: 2011-2012
PROGRAM: Studio apartment with two bedrooms
CLIENT: Private
ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach

Apartment for Urlivska – a practical implementation of the theory of parametric architecture, follows our previous project Octopus tentacles. Open Space combines living room with kitchen and dining area. In the system of connected spaces kitchen island plays a separation role, especially between cooking and dining areas. Islet emphasizes the freely-based hood that forms the visual vertical axis around which transits occur.
Breaking the wall between the living room and the child room allowed placing a bed without losing an area for child`s activities. At the same time in open space it enabled arrangement of storage for master’s wine collection.

Parametric curves also took part in Magnetic Field morphogenesis, but unlike our project Apartment for Classmate, where lines influenced modular formation of individual elements of the interior. In Magnetic Field lines create the fundamental geometry accented on the rooms’ ceilings. Light stripes serve two purposes:
1. Compensation of missing daylight during the night
2. The formation of smooth transits between rooms
Therefore LED stripes lights (purchase of which is investment in efficient energy consumption) have their origin in the window or door openings.

parametric interior design in kyiv ukraine

The flexibilityof openspaceis emphasized withsmoothlines of structuralelementsandfurniture configuration

digital architecture - interior design, ukraine

Kitchen island makes possible to use the cooktop either from kitchen or dining zone

digital interior design - flat in kyiv

Hood freely based in interior serves a kind of rotation axis for the island, which is though fixed in optimal position

space contemporary design - kyiv apartment

Light stripe on the ceiling follows the transit at the same time compensating the lack of sunlight from a window at night

digital design of living interior, kyiv

Island’s rostrum, which dates back to the magnetic lines on the ceiling, would be impossible to be made without automatic machine using3d cutters and layers of flat elements

parametric design of interior in ukraine

Orange panno on the kitchen wall is also static electromagnetic field in which the average positions of the human are radiation sources

contemporary parametric design studio, ukraine

Behind the kitchen island there is dining table in the bow window

corridor design - kyiv two-bedroom flat

The corridor combines with open space easily with the helpof continuum bands of magnetic fields on the ceiling

parametric design of hall interior, ukraine

The hall isfull of mirrors situated opposite each other creating a fractal looped effect

apartment flat - parametric design kyiv

Plan of the apartment with minimal interference in the initial planning

parametric architecture - magnetic field diagram

Magnetic fields in the room with the presence of one person or two

parametric architecture - kyiv flat magnetic field

Different polarity charges overlap on the plan

apartment interior design - magnetic field

The selected geometry of electromagnetic fields linear algorithm

parametric design of flat, kyiv ukraine

Illumination compensation / transits lighting

bedroom interior design - kyiv ukraine

Closet in bedroom geometrically “poured” into the wall

bedroom parametric design - kyiv, ukraine

Bed is rotated on the plan to reduce the bypass around it when you come into the room

bedroom digital interior - kyiv apartment

Each has its own resting on the bed reading lamp for flexible

magnetic field - bedroom parametric design

Strip lighting in the child’s room is modified into a set of bubbles

contemporary design of children room - ukraine

Like porous sponge (including Bob) bubbles also used to form the stairs to the second floor crib non-standard configuration

parametric design - children room in kyiv

parametric design interior of childrem room

Design includes a children’s bright colors and geometric patterns to develop the creative imagination of the child

children room - digital interior design

children room - apartment design in kyiv

contemporary bathroom design - kyiv ukraine

parametric design of bathroom - kyiv ukraine

bathroom digital design in kyiv

digital design - bathroom interior kyiv

parametric design of wc - kyiv ukraine

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