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Giant’s Wall

parametric design of room in moscow

Giant’s Wall is the project of multifunctional room in Moscow flat, designed on principles of algorithmic design and parametric architecture. Interiors include in itself the most important element – the wall, around which history of geometry and morphogenesis, functions, processes and scenarios of inhabitants’s behavior unrolls. Room can be a living room, bedroom or, dining room, if needed, because it has folding-sofa transformer-table. Giant’s wall is the room design in which minimalistic and pure-form things combines into non-standard puzzle obeying the rule of use and expedience.

LOCATION: Plekhanova str., Moscow, Russia
AREA: 25 m2
DATE: 2013
PROGRAM: Multifunctional room
CLIENT: Private

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Denys Demeshonok, Mariia Aranchii

Concrete, wood, industrial lightings, different-sized ‘cubes’ of furniture create an atmosphere of moscow client’s home.
Their wishes were to make a room making able to watch tv, chat with a cup of tea, guest slipping and family celebrating.
But the most important requirement was to provide modules for stuff keeping. Interesting task was to provide shelves for tank (models) in the corner near the entrance to the room.
From the very beginning ‘puritanic affected’ to design clients at least approved ideas of rude ‘non-processed’ surfaces with a great pleasure and bravely inhaled a swallow of fresh air letting algorithmic furniture and digital avant-garde to go into their residence.


The starting point of parametrics in the Giant’s Wall project became furniture unit, which modules were differentiated in depth according to the usability. Five discrete states, five human positions formed section curves and surfaces formed by their combination’s attractor, which squeezes out the furniture and shapes their algorithmic geometry, kind of like skates are formed thermally for professional athletes to provide maximum comfort and respond in competition. Wall furniture instead took a static position, given the spatial organization of the room, access to the modules and the need to use them.

contemporary algorithmic design of apartment in moscow

Furniture modules have different depth and creates common front along the longest room’s wall

digital architecture - room with furniture project

Reverse of the wall module unit has small region of open bookshelves

contemporary moscow interior - parametric design

Sofa’s elbow is comfortable, especially when someone wants to lie down with a pillow

module furniture drawing - parametric interior

Module furniture drawing (wall unit)

parametric shelves design - bookcases furniture

Cupboard for tanks and a bookcase

furniture morphogenesis diagram - parametric architecture

Scheme of furniture module morphogenesis – depth of extrusion on a certain height is caused by usage

parametric furniture scheme - algorithmic architecture

Module furniture wall transforms due to the influence of curved attractor surface that limitates extrude of modules along the frontal axis

contemporary furniture interior design - moscow apartment

Section curves creating attractor’s surface. Attractor is an individual in its discrete positions

surface curvature analysis - rhinoceros design

Attractor surface’s curvature analysis scheme

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