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Syrets transport hub Kyiv

architecture: transport hub kyiv in winter

Transport hub in Kyiv, Syrets metro station is designed to unload central city railway station and create convenient connection for passengers of different transport kinds on diverse levels. The transport hub (node) is integrated into Kyiv landscape combining natural ‘plants islands’ in green artery along the flow of Syrets stream.

LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 41,700 m2 (22,000 m2 train staition)
DATE: 2011 – 2012
PROGRAM: Multifunctional transport hub

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Mariia Aranchii, Dmytro Aranchii
CONSULTANTS: Valerii Tovbych, Hanna Yablonska

syrets transport hub kyiv ukraine

Architectural project of Syrets Transport Hub Kyiv totally changes underground station appearance

transport hub kyiv parametric architecture

Architecture of railway staition/metro/bus station uses benefits of local relief

Compositionally the central part of the complex is formed around the railway station square and faces it with glazed facades while outer side that appears in neighborhood to dwelling zone is particularly performed as a green roof with pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths in order to avoid its’ connection obstruction between adjacent dwelling and recreation zones.

green zones syrets transport hub

Passanger flow analysis in places of factual and potential transfer from external to internal river transport

architectural green zone diagram

Task 1 – unloading of Kyiv city main railway station Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi by means of interceptioning station creation (west direction) in area of Syrets metro station

architecture train station underground kyiv

Task 2 – merger of green Syrets streams’ zones in green artery. Green zones / analysis of existing territory greenery planting

Kyiv ukraine transport node transfer

Green arteria creation / development proposition

railway station section, tree-like columns

Fundamental solution of architeconic system and vertical functional zoning of railway station building / section, plan sippet

architectural section of transport hub

Architectural section of the railway station

Polyfunctional transport complex contains stations of metro, circular city train, inter-city railway station, public motor transport stop and connection between them. In connection with a complicated relief and functional content of the object it becomes appropriate to be considered in terms of vertical zoning. Thus the ground level was decided to be given mostly to pedestrian zone. Here the railway station square is located being separated from the recreation zone with the flow of Syrets stream. It became real to release this level due to arrangement of an underground auto tunnel. A public transport stop is also situated in it underground. It can also serve as a loading room for the commercial zones placed in an upper level.
Distributing hall of the railway station is accepted as a main functional element and level. At the same height there are passenger platforms, and commercial part that connects the railway station directly with the metro building.
Access to the platforms is implemented through the upper level of the station situated right above them, there`s a technical story below it that is hidden between the supporting constructions made as farms. Under the platform zone a two-level parking is placed.
Entrance to the metro station was decided to be kept at the ground level. There`s a communicational edifice acceded to it, which is a corresponding hub between metro station, railway station and also city rail and public motor transport stops. Herewith the transition is hanging over the square. Some rooms of the railwaystation are also located at the ground level.

syrets transport hub layers diagram

Layer diagram

Due to the configuration of the site and railway as a main compositional axis the building of the railway station has elongated form in plan. The building relatively has three levels above the ground level and two below it.

transport hub railway station plan

Railway station plan sippet

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