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Magnetic field 2.0. Apartment design in Kyiv

interior Voronoi digram

Electromagnetic fields have already occupied a prominent place in computational architecture theory and have been used in one of our previous projects. Resumption of this theme aimed to make a wider research of the topic and variations of its implementation in design.

NAME: Magnetic field 2.0
WORK NAME: Chervonozorianyi / chr
LOCATION: Chervonozorianyi ave. 4g, Kyiv, Oleksandrivskyi residential complex
AREA: apartment area 90 m2 , project area 60 m2
DATE: 2012-2013
PROGRAM: open-space and bathrooms design
CLIENT: private

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach

Magnetic field 2.0 is a three room apartment design in residential complex Oleksandrivskyi, within which the most representative (open-space that includes kitchen, living room, working and dining zones) and the most functionally complex (bathrooms) parts of the apartment were developed, design of other rooms (parent and children’s bedrooms) was replaced with consultations. Rooms of general use were united into common open-space, due to this fact corridors are absent in the project. Also combining different rooms that have access to different sides of horizon we got the most efficient use of sunlight during the day. Corners of child-room and bedroom were cut in order to minimize transits and let in as much light as possible.

Research begun in our previous project – Magnetic field – continued, this time embodied in geometry transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces. The desire to unite all elements of functional and aesthetic components encouraged us to use electric fields lines (as an inalienable component of electromagnetic phenomena) with clearly defined points of attraction in this case taken from the centers of functional areas. Those lines, that interact with the geometry of space and content best were selected among the set of magnetic lines.

apartment interior in Kyiv

The desire to show all possible free space is evident even in the the couch raised on legs. Violet-blue palette gradually merges with the view that top floors of residential complex Oleksandrivskyi offer. Customer’s cabinet can be separated with translucent partition if necessary, at the same time it is integrated with living room.

open-space interior

Created with the help of methods of computational architecture magnetic petal-like lines go down the walls and contain furniture integrated into their structure. In this case, electrical networks are also hidden in new structures.

computational design

Blue color of ceiling adds lightness and airiness to open-space. In general, natural motifs appear in the interior in many details, such as: use of the wood texture, petal-like structures, table and chairs even named “tulip”, images of Voronoi diagram, which is very common in wildlife. Here, these motifs are combined with smooth flow, which refers not only to the geometry of the petals and furniture, but also to the flow of spaces of functional areas.

kitchen interior in Kyiv

Large functional kitchen is fully spread along one wall. Constructed within the of monolithic frame building stair-step in plan walls were harmoniously used in interior, containing trays with plants between pylons.

parametric architecture Kyiv

Shelves above the work area are curved in a way to occupy less space at the level of the table, and have a vertical diaphragm to support books.

bathroom algorithmic design

In bathroom everything is most open to create a sense of extra space.

parametric design of bathroom

The main motif here was the waviness expressed in bending countertop and shelves, on tile patterns and even accessories.

computational design interior

bathroom interior design

Shelves for various hygiene products dynamically change their path, creating an effect of rotation.

magnetic fields interior

The only hidden detail – the toilet cistern and boiler, that is caused by use of suspended sanitary appliance, which again reveals the maximum floor area.

apartment design Kyiv

Smoothness is logical for a room where water dominates.

small bathroom design

In this case small bathroom is used as efficiently as possible. In 2 m2 area even shower was placed, that allowed the hosts and guests not to waste time in the morning queue.

electric lines design

Both bathrooms are united with common methods and materials.

magnetic field architecture

Human as positively charged particle, the angles – as negative.

magnetic field scheme

The interaction of charged particles.

computational design

Overlay with a plurality of electrical lines.

apartment redevelopment in Kyiv

There were no corridors left after apartment redevelopment, distribution rooms became a part of open-space and were conventionally separated with a pylon that remained after the partitions’ demolition. So all furniture for storage, one of which is integrated with pylon, are located in the darkest, entrance, area.

ceiling design

Extracted contours formed a ceiling plan.

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