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Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis

algorithmic methods of architectural morphogenesis. parametrics

Algorithmic / parametric architecture thesis was friendly met during defence as well as took 1st place at CIS MArch diploma competition-review in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Digital architecture and its methods are researched, classified and organised. Implementation based on author’s projects were shown.

Layouts design derives from Rhodonea Curve research using attractor theory.

Interest, called to the thesis (and especially to its text portion) spawned intention to adapt it to publish as book in the Ukrainian language (English is also possible), which may be one of the first classification methods and tools of digital architecture in Ukraine and the CIS. Currently, work is continuing on the preparation and adaptation of material for publication, which will be released tentatively in late 2012.

DATE: 2011
PROGRAM: MArch thesis
THEME: Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis

AUTHOR: Dmytro Aranchii
TUTOR: Valerii Tovbych

parametric architecture. march diploma thesis

Analysis of меthods ang algorithms, used by young and experienced world architects
Classification and clustering methods for parametric architecture, branching algorithms and global hierarchy of existing applications

digital architecture - methods of morphogenesis

Author’s projects – examples of algorithmic architecture’s theory implementation into conceptual and real design practices from product design to urban planning

algorithmic architecture master diploma layout

Scientific work in digital architecture’s field filled on three main layouts of 1800 x 1200 mm.

March defence video (in Ukrainian). KNUCA, architectural faculty, big lection auditorium (101), June 17th 2011

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