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Octopus tentacles. Kyiv two-bedroom flat

contemporary apartment interior in kyiv

Contemporary interior design in multistoried building in Kyiv. The flat called octopus tentacles is experimental (in the key of considered decisions) site for using 5-d machine and properties of PVC film. Parametric Rhodonea curve and metaball conception are involved.

TITLE: Octopus tentacles
WORKING TITLE: Irpinska 2 / Irp2
LOCATION: st. Irpіnska 69B, p. m Akademmistechko, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 115 m2
DATE: 2012
PROGRAM: Studio apartment with two bedrooms
CLIENT: Private

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Mariia Aranchii

Interior design of three-room apartment on Irpinska street in Kyiv was made for a family of customers that consist of parents and a primary school age girl. The volume of openspace combines lounge and kitchen area with a dining room, that are separated by a bar table/ dining peninsula. The hall connects all the rooms of apartment. Thus a small guest bathroom tends to “day” / public area and bathroom – to the masters bedroom and the child`s room. The apartment has 2 wardrobes – male and female: the first – in the end of the corridor, and the second – a more intimate room in a cozy bedroom.

The digital component of the project has its roots in metaballs research. So places that need artificial lighting most: sofa sitting area, place above the dining table, center of the kitchen area and the area of putting shoes on in the hallway / lobby, led by the pouf, are taken as control points. These centers have a value that is proportional to its importance, and are connected with each other creating a smooth flow of metaballs.
Bright LED backlight is mounted into metaballic craters.The hall continues the trend of the ceiling, yet on the floor – there is a flow of door panels connections here, which are expanded with the dynamics of floor lines. Vertical visual axis of ceiling and floor metaballs is a plan overlap of the crater and the pattern on the floor in the hallway.

Interior of the Octopus tentacles continues and develops the theme of parametric rhodonea curves that are present in previous projects Apartment For Classmate (Irpinska) and Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis In Irpinska2 rhodonea curves play the role of a differentiator on the rooms: the number of petals of a flower depends on the size of the room.
For this reason, in the small bathroom furniture door handles (carved in the doors) consist of four petals, and in open space dwindle into circles, which can be interpreted as one petal (the first petal) or infinite set.

Artificial stone NURBS surface in the openspace became unprecedented with its complexity for Ukrainian furniture producers. Despite this, the task was seamlessly completed being supplied with a modern and very expensive 5-d machine. As a result – a bar table, which has a smooth outline from the dining room side, gradually reducing the console to zero, converts into a right angle and curved construction for wine storage (with the hollow cutouts for bottles) – from the side of corridor. These two forms flow smoothly into each other demonstrating the benefits of advanced materials and digital modeling / production.

contemporary flat design in kiev. openspace

Open space is saturated with craters, and the idea of metaballs is picked up by embedded dumbbell-like lights on the ceiling

contemporary apartment design kiev kitchen

Dining room round table is situated under the window from which the view of the kitchen and living room ,separated by a streamlined wing bar, extends

kitchen interior design kyiv modern style

Molded kitchen sink and countertop made of the same material with a blending level difference of kitchen cabinets

interior design kyiv - hall with mirrors

Stool for putting shoes on in the lobby, large mirror surfaces of sliding wardrobes and drawing, which goes onto the doors from the floor

corridor interior design in kiev flat

Floor lines connect the corridor doors, and the crater has a common vertical axis of reference with a padded stool

bedroom interior design kyiv studio

The bedroom has a table, that falls out from the wall and bed has an amorphous streamline form

bedroom design in two-bedroom kyiv flat

The bedroom has two bedside tables, as fabulous Table n, the winner in Ukrainian Design Award: The Very Best Of competition in the category of industrial design

nursery interior design with vitra bird

Design of a child’s room – a multi-level wardrobe with rhodonea handles

girls room interior design kyiv

Design of a child`s bed on the second level with stairs-boxes, and a sofa for grandmother (that can to go and see from time to time) under it

working place in children room design

Child working space for studying lessons and mini cactus

bathroom interior design - contemporary kyiv flat

A bathroom tiled with mosaic, equipped with a closet with built-in water heater and washing machine

mosaic in kyiv contemporary bathroom design

Mosaic panel continues the theme of the metaballs. Bathroom is equipped with a large towel dryer

wc interior design - studio kyiv

Since the bathroom is designed for short-term stay of people, customers supported the method of striking contrast within monochrome palette

modern wc design - kiev studio apartment

The smallest room gets the less paddles. This motto directly matches the design of handles curvings in the toilet

three room apartment redesign

Tree room apartment plan on Irpinska 69b after redesign with furniture and equipment arrangement

child`s room parametric furniture drawings

Drawing of a child`s bed with railing of parametric design

child`s room parametric furniture drawings

Design of multi-level cupboard in child`s room with parametric hole-handles

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