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Penta Panels

seamless parametric wall panels

How many space-filling figures do you know? Penta panels is exactly one of this figures. . Its relief is the embodiment of transfiguration between a hard geometric contour of perimeter to a smooth geometry of rhodonea curve. The parameter of the curve is responsible for 5 petals.

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NAME: Penta Panels
DIMENSIONS: 600x400mm, area about 0.18 sq m
PROGRAMME: decorative panels with relief, that have a nonrectangular form

DESIGN: Dmytro Aranchii
PROJECT TEAM: Ihor Kishta, Aliona Bondar

Penta Panel were designed in 2012 and implemented in 2017, that can be connected to 5 year intervals between writing and publication of Dmytro Aranchii’s book “Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis”
Penta Penels has a form pentagon, that can combine with other 3 panels and make intermediate cluster in the form of hexagon.

Photos of PentaPanels implemented in Black Coexistance interior

Photos of pentaPanels implemented in Black Coexistance interior

kitchen with pentapanels

pentaPanels in kitchen interior

parametric design with unique wall panels

pentaPanels in penthouse interior

metalic parametric wall panels
loft interior with parametric panels
parametric pattern wall panel

Despite all it being so nonlinear, Penta Panel can fill the space without holes and without help of other types of panels.

wall panel drawing

Penta Panel works as a rectangular panel, but, At the same time approaches the diversity of nature.

parametric wall panel combination

Penta Panel can be black, can close with itself the whole surface.

white parametric wall panel

May be white, and can create irregular contour

game of life pattern for wall

you can also mix colours by creating individual pattern.

parametric wall panels

Penta panel can be as you want it to be: monochrome, colored, metalic, concrete and with any other decoration

parametric panels photo
parametric wall panel ukraine

See also other works of our studio, that are also connected to rhodonea curve

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