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Comfort Town Kyiv. Studio apartment design started

comfort town kyiv studio apartment

Comfort Town design Kyiv. We started to process new order of single-bedroom apartment interior in Kyiv residential complex named Comfort Town situated on Reheneratorna str.

Watch project of apartment in Comfort Town

Currently we are working on digitalization of well made hippodamus-turopean planned apartment. After using digital algorithms and parametric dependencies apartment promises to be more comfortable and cozy.
Pylons of the two-room apartment internal space are a relative barrier to create flexible space, but make design process more interesting.

comfort town kyiv flat architecture

Apartment design in the residential complex Comfort Town is atypical example of the interior without a balcony.

comfort town studio apartment design

There is a fence with barbed wire that protect Comfort Town from good and good people (until the end of construction). At the same time, the residents on the forum of residential complex find a serious desire to dissociate itself from the local “rudiments”.

comfort town kyiv apartment plan

Diversity of architectural austerity adds charm to Comfort Town (which tends to the spectral colors), we meanwhile got flat in the pink section.

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