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AADRL Material Workshop. Volume. Computing Without Computers

aadrl material workshop - spyropoulos studio

AADRL material workshop [part of 2013-15 MArch course] was related to material tension/compression experimentations with lycra as an envelope and plaster as a filing substance resulting in natural minimal surfaces and volumes respectively. Specific agenda was directed towards volumetric modular structure creation, which hence had to be cast in one turn as a solid assembly.

DATE: 2013
PROGRAM: First part of MArch, material workshop
THEME: Minimal surfaces, plaster and lycra tension/compression behaviour
UNIVERSITY: AADRL (Architectural Association, Design Research Laboratory), London, UK

TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii [Ukraine], Yuqiu Jiang [China], Ilia Pereiaslavtsev [Russia]
TUTOR: Mostafa El Sayed
STUDIO: Theodore Spyropoulos Studio

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aadrl plaster workshop - spyropoulos studio

Evolution of model

aadrl plaster workshop - computational architecture

Plaster, lycra and threads

aadrl workshop - minimal surface architecture

Medium scale aggregation: 3 modules combined seamlessly

aa drl spyropoulos studio architecture

Sequence of aggregation assembly

aadrl workshop - computational architecture plaster

Minimal surface (inside spacial frame) simulation

aadrl volume workshop - minimal surfaces

Rigid outer structure

aa drl - architecture of minimal surfaces

Distribution of stitching points

aadrl material volume workshop - architecture

Plaster cast sample

aadrl material workshop - minimal surfaces

Aggregation process: modular frame, fabric surfaces, plaster cast

aadrl volume workshop - computational architecture

Cast is ready to dry

aadrl workshop - computational architecture materiality

Prepared void becomes a volume

aadrl material workshop - material architecture

“Alien” casting in the Hook Park in more than 100 miles from London

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