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Parametric Rhodonea curve and attractor

rose curve parametric architecture with attractor

Parametric architecture has many faces of geometry. Thus the parametric curves implementation is not an exception. In 2011 Dmytro Aranchii started a research concerning interactive alteration of curve array’s form under the influence of point linear attractor. Program realization was made in Processing language and environment about a year ago. Presently algorithm is available for testing on our website. You can influence on input parameters of algorithm in real time via easy graphical user interface, causing change of curves’ form and defining its geometry and morphogenesis.

rhodonea curve - parametric architecture research

Matrixes of Roses with different amount and morm of petals demonstrate parametric curve morphogenesis depending on input values of equation coefficients.

Try to manage a Rose form by yourself: mouse cursor serves as attractor, while defined keys regulate input parameters

Press the mouse button on Rose field For turning on the control ability
Parameter a (rose): left/right button mouse
Parameter b (rose): ‘q’/’w’ on keyboard
Scale factor 1 (attractor): ‘a’/’s’
Scale factor 2 (attractor): ‘z’/’x’
Attractor reach: ‘e’/’r’

This research is first of parametric curves exploration series. It concentrates on curves’ geometry changing and interactive alterations by means of attractor impact within context-sensitive systems – architecture, able to transform not only in space, but in time as well

One of Rhodonea research implementations – Apartment for classmate

parametric interior - rose (rhodonea) curve and attractor

Rhodonea (rose) curve used as a regulator for glass’ transparency and reflective ability of the mirror

Projects, in which the research implemented:
Algorithmic Methods of Architectural Morphogenesis
Rhodonea Tap
Apartment for classmate

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