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Ukrainian Pavilion Expo 2015

ukraine pavilion expo 2015 milan

Pavilion prototype for the Milan World Expo 2015 is called to demonstrate benefits of modular construction, flexible computational design methods and the limitless possibilities of artificial stone.

World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, where, in our opinion, Ukraine has not shown 20 million visitors a worthy attitude to the exhibition served as a background for the pavilion development. Prior to the proposal of a full scale pavilion the reduced prototype with an area of 15 m2 and volume of approximately 30 m3 was designed.

NAME: Ukrainian Pavilion Expo 2015
WORK NAME: Pavilion / Pvl
DATE: 2013
PROGRAM: Modular pavilion prototype of Ukraine for Expo 2015
STATUS: Prototype implementation in progress

The prototype serves as a static model of dynamic design and represents main features and basic architectural design messages: transparency of Ukrainian processes, their adaptability (context-sensitivity) to the world situation and demountability, ie the possibility for rapid reconfiguration.

Human flows may become universal context for common shell generation by excluding components required for direct connections through the pavilion. Designing a system with input and output parameters rather than a specific architectural object, we can apply it to different sites, gaining each time an individual result.

ukrainian pavilion expo 2015 milan

expo 2015 ukraine - parametric architecture

Truncated octahedron was taken as basis of modular lattice that tightly packs space and can decompose into smaller shapes and planes, including square, regular hexagon and isosceles triangle. Due to unified structure elements the fabrication matrixes can cost less. Thanks to modularity the prototype may be sectional and be transported being exposed all over the world.

ukraine pavilion expo - parametric architecture

parametric architecture - ukraine expo 2015

Transparency is achieved through the use of holes in the pavilion panels shaped as parametric rhodonea curves

ukrainian pavilion expo 2015 milan

Context sensitivity appears in changing petals geometry of rhodonea curves responding to the environment, both natural (sun position) and anthropogenic (human)

ukraine pavilion expo 2015 parametric

ukrainian pavilion expo 2015 milan

The panels are complemented with surface curvature and openings represented by parametric rhodonea curves. Openness and convexity vary responding to the need for lighting. This execution represents the general message of Ukraine`s openness and the contours of the holes have common look with traditional symbols in popular ornaments.

expo 2015 ukraine pavilion parametric

ukrainian pavilion expo 2015 milan

Demountability gives pavilion mobility, easy transportation for exposing in other ambient places. Speaking of full scale pavilion we should not forget that a quick disassembly is one of the requirements of the Milan Expo. Unification of the panels and the space frame allows to create new forms of the pavilion from the same set of elements

ukrainian pavilion 2015 physical model

expo 2015 milan ukraine pavilion

ukraine pavilion milan - parametric architecture

ukrainian pavilion expo 2015 aranchii

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