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Dipping into Work. Office parametric design, Kyiv, Ukraine

office design kyiv parametric architecture

Office interior design in Kyiv using the methods of algorithmic morphogenesis was developed on the base of context-sensitive or adaptive systems. Office interior located in semi-basement part may be recognized by a winter garden, while ceiling architectural idea becomes uniting having level decreased and suspension lamps in places, where employees are concentrated.

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NAME: Dipping into work
WORK NAME: Mala Zhytomyrska / MZH
LOCATION: Mala Zhytomyrska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 75 sq m
DATE: 2013-2014
PROGRAM: Closed type office
CLIENT: Privat
ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach, Mariia Aranchii


In this project the team had to work with a semi-basement room in an old building with multiple challenges and constrains. The main goal was to create a space that is comfortable for work, loosing the feeling of basement room and organizing convenient relax zones.
In order to increase the labor comfort a ventilation system that spread almost under all ceilings was created. Due to narrow space we made a decision not to cover air pipes with dead constructions but to let them pass optimal ways and be a part of multilevel spatial ceiling geometry. Color design as well as ribs and cables system descending and interacting with the obstacles and context where needed allowed to make pipes almost invisible and created a distinct visual identity. Ceiling painted in dark color became an extraordinary solution that helped to make it kind of weightless.

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Spatial and planar patterns that made the office more solid were developed on the base of context-sensitive or adaptive systems. In this particular case the arrangement of key functional areas and main light sources were taken as a context. The initiall rigid grid deformed avoiding attractor-points.
No wonder the interference into cables metric series happens in places of dipping into workflow / over workplaces / here the process is similar to the streamlined body immersion into a tranquil liquid. Ropes serve isolines, emphasizing the elongated plan shape of the entire office, where one room flows seamlessly into another, while edges located athwart and painted same color as the ceiling help to create a three-dimensional geometry, serving barely noticeable frame.

parametric design kyiv - office interior

Once getting into office visitor finds himself in a distributing space, where it is possible to leave the outerwear in the closet, while patternized mirror on the beveled wall leads guests to the waiting zone.

office interior kyiv - parametric design

The entrances to offices and conference room are concentrated in the reception area.

parametric interior design - office kyiv

Meeting room separated by a partition with translucent parametric pattern on the glass is located directly in front of waiting area. This allows to get as much light from all sources as possible. Visual communication also eliminates the feeling of narrowness. The glass pattern lets focus on the most interesting details due to its unevenness.

parametric recepcion design - office kyiv

Reception geometry follows the principle of ceiling patterns formation bending inside on passage and extending space at the level of the human knee. Placing it diagonally allowed to create a comfortable transit.

office design kyiv ukraine

Secretary workplace is protected with the screen, while here it is still possible to control the entrance area.

computational design - office interior kyiv

Нeight fluctuations of the ceiling construction became reasonable by placing attractors on the tables, where a person does not need a full height. At the same time curved cables and hanging lamps on a dark background look impressive.

parametric office design in kyiv

meeting room interior - parametric design kyiv

White wall in the end of the table will serve as a screen for a projector that can be used during meetings and presentations.

office in kyiv - parametric design

interior design kyiv - office furniture

The room is equipped with four specialist workplace which are separated convenient cabinets and screens.

parametric architecture - office design kyiv

Due to the gradient background pattern on the walls slowly dissolves merging with the ceiling while bright color at the bottom part of it makes it cheerful.

parametric office design kyiv ukraine

It was decided not to ignore a drop of daylight, that is why the pits otside the windows were deepened and finished with light material.

project, parametric architecture

Windows arranged between offices let more light in and show continuing ceilings.

basement room design - office interior

Accountancy designed for two employees is visually similar to the specialists’ room.

parametric office interior - design kyiv

There are extra cabinets between offices dissolving in the wall plane.

attractor - office design, kyiv ukraine

algorithmic design - office interior kyiv

ceo office design - office kyiv

Director has a small but separate room.

closed type office - interior design

TV is provided in director’s room, to view the latest news on the big screen at any time.

transparent constructions design - interior kyiv

Overall in the office there were maximum space left for personal items.

restroom design - kyiv interior

At lunchtime, employees have the opportunity to relax in the courtyard.

office design kyiv - vertical garden

Lovely plants are also here.

office interior project in kyiv

The courtyard is accessible from the kitchen.

office design kyiv - compact kitchen

Kitchen consists of a sink, small refrigerator and built-in shelves with appliances that frees the countertop.

office design - wallpaper print

When the kitchen is closed the room can be used for any purpose.

kitchen in office - parametric design kyiv

office design kyiv - wc interior

A small bathroom continues minimalistic trend in this interior.

toilet design - office interior kyiv

interior design kyiv - office planning

Primarily arrangement of windows that could partially provide daylight in offices influenced planning. Bathroom and storeroom location was caused by the engineering communications situated near the entrance as well as kitchen with access to the winter garden which was formed around the distribution and additional rooms. Areas in the deep received light through large windows / doors from the courtyard and glass partition in a meetings room.

context-sensitive design - parametric architecture

parametric design - computational office interior

computational design - office interior kyiv

Attractors influence examples on different planar metric series.

office kyiv ukraine - interior plan

Office plan location with people that serve as starting points for the geometry formation.

basement room design - interior ukraine kyiv

The resulting effect of attractors.

morphogenesis scheme - parametric design ukraine

Scheme of ceilings’ multilayer structures.

Parametric pattern morphogenesis scheme. The diagram illustrates the principle of the context influence on the pattern at different relative positions of attractors-points different visual effect can be reached.

Video of ceiling creation algorithm

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