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Air Islands. London Shoreditch Station

london shoreditch station architecture competition

Air Island proposal for old London Overground Shoreditch Station represents vision of saving existing building and introduction of particular fashion design function to connect authentic Brick Lane and fashionable Shoreditch. While exhibitions, lectures and retail by young designers are happening within the old structure, new intervention appears outside, Air Islands provide ability to walk and rest above the old station / new fashion design hub.

AREA: Building area 625 m2
DATE: 2015
PROGRAM: Renovation of old London Overground Shoreditch Station
STATUS: Competition

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Mariia Aranchii, Tetiana Bashtova, Ihor Kishta, Evheniia Kovalchuk

The project proposes to keep the brickwork building untouchable as possible in the combination with new external modular space above the ground.

The proposal of function is to achieve a leisure space with specific fashion design orientation that performs as an educational, exhibition and commercial hub for both multicultural Brick Lane and stylish Shoreditch, a place where people can just find a moment to relax or get closer to local fashion touching a soul of area, meeting young designers’ achievements and become a part of it.

london shoreditch station architectural competition

Building | Renovation | Rethinking

Existed building’s underground floor is responsible for open air activities: stairs from ground level to -1 floor are serving a role of amphitheater seats while -1 [underground] level contains a scene inside the building and equipped with tables for master classes; main garden at the backyard and small one in the frontyard.
There is only one intervention into 14th century building, the deconstruction of the wall’s part diagonally on the main facade to make main stairs and scene more visible.

london shoreditch station architecture competition

[-1] Underground Floor + Outside
The inner space of a building can be closed in winter to warm visitors. Outer areas of the level include large (West) and small (East) gardens. The backyard garden is a cosy place for thinking and walking, while inner space of the building’s underground level is a place where workshops and masterclasses take place. Inside and outside areas are fluently merged through the wide stairs most part of which can be used amphitheater seats for a scene where lectures, public performances fashion fairs happen.
Visitors come to the small garden, underground level and eventually main garden through the eastern entrance and large stairs. However it should be admitted that -1 floor and main garden is on the ground level relatively to the railways.

london shoreditch station architecture section

[0] Ground Floor
Shoreditch Station’s ground floor is dedicated to promotional and commercial function. Young designers and individual fashion manufacturers have opportunity to show their talent by demonstrating and selling clothes, accessorize and shoes in the multi brand open space which is accessible from the main (southern) facade entrance and by existing stairs from the level below.

london shoreditch station architecture master plan

Air Islands | Extension | Modularity | Leisure

Extensional enclosure is represented by the modular islands standing on the columns above the ground within the local limitation 9 m height. Gardens are spreading from Brick Lane to old Shoreditch station rising higher to the building. Both lowest module near Brick Lane and on of higher ones above the building have pedestrian access provided by twisted ramps.
While all the other space is giving ability of educational, teaching and exhibition/consuming function, Air Islands contain all needed for a leisure time: terraces with view of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, greenery and benches for communication and observing and table tennis that fits perfectly in diamond grid (6 m edge) of an island. Column of only one island is located inside the building making a hole in roof and slab 70 cm in diameter. Column on the ground floor is equipped to serve as a seat for shoes fitting.

london shoreditch station architecture plan

Construction of each island includes two parts, column and base. While column is modular and cylindrical, base take and distribute loads efficiently being designed as continuation from circular arch (feature of historic building) to catenary curve (natural gravitation based form). Both cross-sections are widely used in ancient and contemporary structures respectively are applied volumetrically.

london shoreditch station architecture masterplan

People can reach Air Islands from the street and go downstairs to the scene and vice versa. Islands provide unusual range of terraced scenarios, sequence of which can be changed due to the modular grounds on the top of them. Moreover, according to the construction features Air Islands have ability to be easily applied in different parts of the city using advantages for blue line regulations and applying modular stair connections between units made of steel.

london shoreditch station architecture diagram

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