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Rules of Growth 2.0 : L-Systems. Interior design in Kyiv

kitchen interior design

Interior design in residential complex Liko Grad. Single bedroom dwelling consists of bedroom / living room and kitchen / dining room that has an extra place for guests to sleep.

Rules of Growth 2.0 is a second project, where we use L-systems after Rules of Growth in Comfort Town.

NAME: L-Systems (Rules of Growth 2.0: L-Systems)
WORK NAME: Viliamsa / Vlm
LOCATION: Viliamsa str. 3/7, Liko-Grad, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 54 m2
DATE: 2013-2014
PROGRAM: Single bedroom apartment with bedroom / living room and kitchen with an extra sleeping place
CLIENT: Private
STATUS: Implemented

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Mariia Aranchii, Denys Demeshonok, Ihor Kishta

l-systems in architecture

Starting on the ceiling a tree gradually transits to the wall

flat design liko-hrad kyiv

Overall kitchen is very compact: leisure area is near the window, while cooking zone is concentrated deep in the room due to its’ configuration

kyiv interior design

The kitchen table and the sofa may change their places with each other, creating convenience for the development and transformation of the interior

kitchen contemporary design

Kitchen countertop is solved in 2 levels, lower level matches height of the table for convenience

white interior design

In the bedroom / living room there is a work area and an armchair for reading and rest

minimalistic interior design

Space above the door is used for an entresol, which forms a single volume with the rest of the wardrobe

fractal tree with attractor

fractal trees design

Decorative tree extends toward the light as it happens in nature, it was created with a special computer algorithm

wood tile in bathroom interior

interior design kyiv

contemporary bathroom interior

The sink in the bathroom is installed at a height of 90 cm – a bit higher than average, but convenient for the owners

computational design l-systems

parametric design fractals

Bathroom carpet is also created with fractal trees

single bedroom apartment design

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