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Kyiv Culture Space on Andriivskyi Descent Architectural Concept

ukrainian contemporary architecture in kyiv, ansriivskyi

The competition for young architects on the Andriivskyi descent aimed to create an architectural concept of Yunist factory former site development, out of 1 hectare the competition terms determined the cultural space as 10-15 per cent of the area linked to the Andriivskyi descent, and the rest of it was for commercial use. The competiton on the Andriivskyi provided the design of multifunctional cultural space with integrated chamber music hall.

LOCATION: Andriivskyi descent (the territory of former Yunist factory), Kyiv, Ukraine.
AREA: Site area about 1 ha (including about 2000 m2 for the cultural space, the rest of it – for the commercial use), common area of the cultural space building about 4000 m2
DATE: 2012-2013
PROGRAM: Multifunctional cultural space with musical component
CLIENT: Esta Holding

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach, Mariia Aranchii

Dmytro Aranchii Architects team developed competition project of cultural space on the Andriivskyi descent.

This is about reconstruction of former “Yunist” factory: the developer plans to occupy the main territory with the area of 1 ha with offices and other commercial objects, yet 2 000 sq. meters are allocated for the cultural component. The competiotion terms defined a mission to place a hall for chamber music concerts in the designed building.

Besides the hall Dmytro Aranchii and his colleagues suggested to place a literature space in the cultural center suitable for seminars, conferences, meetings of readers and writers, poets and essayists, as there is a lack of such place in Kyiv. The auditorium for such meetings can be reached from ground and first floors of the building. In addition, literature research center, bookshop, library/mediatheque, ticket-desk, info-center and excursion bureau as well as lounge zone and café, that tend to become a popular place for informal communication, are situated here. From the same level you can get both to the concert hall with 125 seats, and in the production center and a recording studio.

On the first and second floors it`s suggested to arrange temporary exhibition halls with mobile partitions as well as permanent exhibition. However architects realize that creating a new collection of outstanding art works is a difficult task, that is why they suggest either taking them in long-term leasing or attracting private art lover, wishing to make his collection available to the general public – giving as an example the story of the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection, now exhibited in Madrid.

On the second floor there is also an educational center planned, and on the half underground floor – administrative and utility rooms and parking. A special role is played by a courtyard, partially overlapped cantilevered upper floors of offsets: they can be held in the open air exhibitions, performances and any other events.

Abstractly interpreted gable roof in agreement to the climatic conditions, and harmonized with the surrounding buildings, while the parametric facades are covered with recycled in accordance with the theory of fractals national Ukrainian ornament of flowers stars.

andriivskyi descent culture space architectural proposal

Andriivskyi descent Culture Space perspective view

andriivskyi descent architecture competition kyiv

Linear image of culture space

andriivskyi descent architecture competition ukraine

Linear graphical perspective of Andriivskyi Descent

andriivskyi descent plan kyiv ukraine

Situation plan on Andriivskyi descent

contemporary architecture ukraine andriivskyi uzviz

Morphogenesis scheme

contemporary architecture culture space kyiv

Cultural space yard plan

functional planning contemporary architecture ukraine

Functional planning

architectural section culture space andriivskyi

Section 2-2

contemporary architecture of culture space in kyiv ukraine

Section 1-1

contemporary culture space - underground floor plan

-1 floor plan

kyiv contemporary architecture - ground floor plan

Ground floor plan

andriivskyi uzviz architecture - 1st floor plan

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan - architecture ukraine

2nd floor plan

contemporary ukrainian architecture - andriivskyi descent

Section scheme

contemporary ukrainian architecture - section drawing

Section scheme

pattern design - ukrainian contemporary architecture

Pattern morphogenesis

andriivskyi descent architectural proposal - general plan

Master plan

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