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Apartment design in Comfort Town. Rules of Growth

comfort town apartment design in kyiv

Comfort Town is a residential complex in Kyiv with a large and active community. Here, in Comfort Town, we had a chance to develop a two room apartment design. By agreement with the client it transformed into studio with a separate bedroom. Our studio is interested in working with small area, as the problem of small apartment design turns out more attractive than large one, it becomes a challenge to analytical and artistic abilities of architects to put everything compactly and correctly in a modest area.

NAME: Rules of growth
WORK NAME: Reheneratorna / Rhn
LOCATION: 4 Reheneratorna street, residential complex Comfort Town, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 64 sq. m
DATE: 2012-2013
PROGRAM: Studio apartment with one bedroom
CLIENT: Private

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Mariia Aranchii, Denys Demeshonok

parametric design kyiv

After the redevelopment there were two pylons left in open space, they served as the reference point for the fractal geometry of the ceiling. Rules of L-systems formation involved in the design adapted to the general geometry of the room. Despite the dominating curvilinearity of the project planning provides a straight part of wall for piano.

interior design in residential complex comfort town

The rapid lines of the bar table based on the pylon split simultaneously providing enough space for feet on the lower level and extended countertop for convenience on top. At the same time, wider part of the bar includes additional volume created to store extra kitchen utensils.

comfort town design, dmytro aranchii architects

Glass wall between the balcony and open space allows to light kitchen area better.

apartment in comfort town, living room

Bar table with sofa divide the space into a recreation / socializing zone and cooking / eating zone, while the branches of parametric trees unite it visually.

kitchen design in comfort town

Bar table also keeps general concept of growth.

loggia interior design

Loggia is a place for solitude. Cosiness is created with a view out of the windows as well as pattern on the walls that looks like shimmer sunlight on a water surface.

comfort town design, loggia

Cold air is cut off from the street with a laconic convector.

comfort town apartment design

Table near the bed can be folded to place a baby cot, because transformations of space – one of the moments in which we always support customers in their endeavors. You do not need to leave it, since you can flexibly adapt the dwelling if there are new family members.

residential complex comfort town kyiv appartment design

Orchids are clients favourite flowers. It has also inspired us.

reheneratorna 4 comfort town interior design

The stripes on the ceiling allow customers to turn on gentle light in the dark and convectors let you heat the room without adults and children being afraid of getting burned.

comfort town interior design kyiv

Until there’s no cot on the foreground, a table is used as a dressing and, if necessary, work.

comfort town kyiv interior design

comfort town bathroom design

We solved washbasin countertop in the same level as a seat in the shower. It has made the bathroom space possibly the most holistic of all our projects.

bathroom interior design in comfort town kyiv

Bathroom walls have a smooth transition from saturated color to white combining dark floor and white ceiling.

comfort town kyiv interior

comfort town appartment plan - design

Apartment planning in comfort town is quite flexible, meaning changes, and it around the pylons, that become attractor points in open space.

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