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Signature Garden Kyiv

Signature Garden on Mechnykova street is a space on the roof of shopping mall between towers of Signature residential complex. A yard of 6000 sq m is simultaneously a green roof and provides various functions for residents as summer pond; intellectual fountain zone with “God mode”(in which water smoothly gives way to man); pavilion that faces Parus business center, zone with projections that interact with people; kids playground; mobile benches and trees in tubs for personal shadow creation; a cave, in which performances will take place, and will be also seen from restaurant; three viewing platforms; space for art with permanent and temporary exhibitions. Extensive landscaping is an important stroke in Signature garden.

Download Signature Garden game by Dmytro Aranchii Architects for Windows

NAME: Signature garden
LOCATION: Mechnykova street, Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: about 6000 sq m
PROGRAM: Creation of significant for Ukraine green roof/ yard of residential complex Signature on shopping mall stylobate
CLIENT: Continium Group

ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Aliona Bondar, Yelyzaveta Tymoshchuk, Alisa Sidko
INTERNSHIP: Anhelina Hladushevska

Game-like video of Signature Garden

The lake has island-like pavement with water small depth and lets people get feet wet in summer time

Extensive green roof includes cotoneasters that spread from canopy/ small restaurant parking exploited roof

Few cars can be placed at the parking. Though the main is that the ground is compensated for people by the exploited roof on the upper level

Residential towers are surrounded with green stripes to cut off the dwelling from the hot air in summer

The log is surrounded with birches, and green stripes that show the direction of movement with rapid lines form green “Van Gogh strokes”

Interactive zone that is located near the fountain allows people to interact with machine with the help of projections on the horizontal plane. Interactive zone is also one of the algorithms of interaction with the fountain, when relative position of people influences the state of the fountain and sets the first step for water artificial intelligence

The playground offers children various scenarios of behavior: to teeter, to climb, to crawl

In addition to complex algorithms of interaction with a human, fountains also have clear and distinct mode, “God mode”, in which they make way for a walking man gradiently rising as the distance increases

During the warm season summer fountains allow to arrange games and “the standing pools”

Playground is restrained between the residential towers that helps to keep an eye on children easier. There are also trees in mobile tubes with movable benches that can be rearranged to create individual comfort and individual shade in front of the playground

The main yard square also has a communication with the playground

Green stripes “Van Gogh strokes” emphasize the trajectory of the yard transits

Perennials take into account stylobate`s climate and are adapted to Ukrainian amplitudes of continental climate. The restaurant is located opposite the “cave” (canopy) that allows visitors to watch the performances that take place in it

“The Cave`s” roof is simultaneously a viewing platform, while there is a small amphitheater with sitting places inside of it

“The Cave” was created the way that the sounds of evening performances would not embarrass the residents but would be reached from the outer zone of restaurant

The rise on the canopy roof

The exit from the shopping mall and parking lift to the yard

There is a curve around the big tower that reacts on people with color and light intensity depending on the people`s number and activity

Modular mobile temporary sports ground

From the canopy, that goes to the southwest of the landscape

Night lighting is fully integrated into the paving plane

Lighting highlights transit areas and provides accents on seating and landscaping

The view from the parking roof

From the pond, interactive zones and pavilion side

Landscaping on parking roof

Child catching a cat and cat atching pigeon

View of yard from art zone

A view of the Mechnikova street

Parus and Gulliver business centers on the background

Panorama of Pechersk and Kyiv Castle

View of Klovsky descent towards the Arsenal factory

Video game, that can be downloaded with the link below, to visit the Signature Garden its implementation. Soon – for virtual reality helmets

Download Signature Garden game by Dmytro Aranchii Architects for Windows

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