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Head office of one of the biggest Ukrainian retail companies

head office of grocery in kyiv

Office interior for one of the biggest Ukrainian retail companies. The project area is 3000 m2. The main task was to provide sunlight and insolation in spaces with ceiling 5.6m height. The additional task was to create space, where people can work with pleasure and have some rest. It was decided to create ылнlightы and glass partitions in order to create second levels and maximize area utilization. This was crucial in spaces where сompactness were more important then flatness. Relax and activity zones were designed for workers’ rest and productivity.

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NAME: Head office of Ukrainian retail company
LOCATION: Darnytskyi blv., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: About 3000 m2
DATE: 2015
PROGRAM: Head office for 450 people with high comfort standard for employees
CLIENT: One of the biggest Ukrainian retail companies

ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Mariia Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Yevheniia Kovalchuk, Aliona Bondar
Internship: Yelyzaveta Tymoshchuk, Alisa Sidko

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grocery office interior plan

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The main concept of the planing is in combinatorial location of almost 50 departments on plane, considering connections among them, and transitional and resting area, where every transit can be a place for communication and coffee breaks

head office of grocery in kyiv lobby

Almost 120 m2 on the ground floor are reception and waiting zones. They are used as a transit to the first flour

waiting zone head office of grocery in kyiv

Reception is closely connected to waiting zone with couches

head office of grocery in kyiv working space

One of the tasks was to create decorations on the wall with natural motives. Thus was embodied in trees on the columns that protect from the over insolation in summer and make the height of the floor more proportional to human dimensions

head office of grocery in kyiv trees on columns

Trees on the columns are a perfect example of avoiding the stage of creating of working drawings, when model is presented on pages and then sent directly to mchine to be printed using CAD technologies

l-systems, brunches of trees

In the case of 2 levels the branches of the tress are placed exactly in the interlayer ceiling

marketing department grocery office

Marketing department gets the most motley colour solution, which is the most creative of all

marketing department grocery office

Marketologists get not only 3-D tree-columns but also a pattern which was generated by formalised rules of flora

director's office head office

The director’s office get’s the most streamlined geometry. The first table is for writing, the second is for meetings

director's office head office

The meting table is connected with the main lightning device of the room which is  lightning strip, that is raised like a spiral to the high ceiling

food court grocery store main office

In the cantine/food corte zone co-workers can see the molecular structure of the food/drinks that they eat. For example: caffeine and vitamin B12

meeting room transformer - active zone

Active zone consists of several meeting rooms with module tables, that can be transformed in different configurations: circle, string, wave, if it is needed

module tables in the meeting room

Projector for office meetings for 300 persons installed on the one side of active zone

grocery store office - mini golf, mini football

On the other side installed mini golf, mini football and other entertainments

module meeting room grocery store office

Partitions can protect not only visually but also from the noise on the level up to 40 dB

active zone - places to sit on stairs

Active zone has two levels and is connected to the transition zone

active zone transforms in to conference room

Open space without partitions

table transformers in meeting rooms

Here person can work apart from his department

relax zone with waterfalls and sofas

In relax zone you can see artificial waterfall and comfort places to sit and lay

small relax zone with lightning and places to lay

The main idea of relax zone could be described in the words from the song that doesn’t exist: «where there is no Wi-Fi, where there in no cell connection»

relax zone with artificial trees

Trees’ brunches light the entertaining zone

waiting zone near director's office

The windows inside director’s office were on the mark 2400 mm (total 5000 mm). So, it was decided to raise office on the mark 2400 mm and to make windows from floor to ceiling and to make warehose space under office

grocery store office - waiting zone

Under the director’s office there is a little local zone for waiting with running info line with economic indicators of company and other info

office modules for speaking and meetings

In the wide corridor there are modules for communication, telephone talks and lonely work

wide corridors with stairs

Big meeting room can also be used as a place for sitting on the stairs

grocery office toilets with cactus

Inside both bathrooms there are big cactus

grocery office cactus in WC

Long washbasins and urinals located closely not only to cactus but also to info about them, so people could learn something new

grocery office toilets with cactus

Long lightning devices droops from the ceiling on the distance, so they can lightning only the main zones, living the rest of the room inside semi-darkness

сells for lonely work grocery office

The main interest of relax zone are the celings for loneliness

big relax zone - big aquarium

Other attractor is five-meter aquarium

bog relax zone with a big drop

The theme of water is the main theme for relax zone. Big construction of the drop is drooping under the point of the main sagging of rope attraction

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