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Black Coexistence is the second project of the main hall in  Europassage Business Park designed by Dmytro Aranchii Architects. In contrast to the Tween Coexistence project, the second reception hall is designed in black, with coloured sofas and constructions in turquoise colour. The hall combines the functions of a waiting area, a reception, a cafe, a communication area, and a bathroom.

NAME: Black Coexistence
LOCATION: Europassage Business Park, Prakhovykh Family str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 450 m2
DATE: 2019
PROGRAMME: business centre Main hall
PHOTO: Alik Usik
STATUS: Implemented

ARCHITECTURE: Aranchii Architects
DESIGN: Dmytro Aranchii
TEAM: Bohdan Hadzhylov, Anhelina Hladushevska, Iryna Hrebeneva

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The task was to create a space that would welcome the employees and visitors of the business park and create an area for communication and meetings. Also, it was necessary to anticipate the area of the cafe and connect it to the common space.

The main motive of the concept is the dynamic lines that indicate the main transit path: from the entrance to the elevators. The pattern is duplicated. On the floor, it is printed on a carpet with high-level resistance. On the ceiling, it is repeated by flexible lighting elements that bend in two planes. The dynamics of the flow of lines is influenced by the location of structures and engineering, dictating the smoothness of the flow. In some ways, this is in line with the movement of people.

Light tubes are mounted on a wooden frame of radially arranged ribs. These structures form the terrain on which the stripes go. Lighting is lowered in areas where it is most needed: in functional centers and crowded areas.

An interactive installation is located in the two-light space to the side of the main transit. Its main function is to attract visitors, entertain them, become a point of photo attraction and a hall decoration area during the seasonal holidays. The installation consists of 512 balloons that can change their color. To get the attention of a passerby, installation begins with the mirror mode, when a light spot formed with balls repeats the movement of the user. Then begins an independent from human game driven by artificial intelligence. The person gives the computer input data with a spot of his movement, and then the game continues independently. It remains for the user to analyze and guess how they affected the installation. This resonates with the concept of Ubiquitous, created by the studio several years earlier.

Behind the double-light space’s window, you can see another installation. The metal hexagonal scroll canvas is driven by wind, which constantly creates various unpredictable patterns.

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