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Apartment design process

one bedroom interior design kyiv

Studio apartment interior design in Kyiv.

LOCATION: 69A Irpinska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: 65 m2
DATE: 2011
PROGRAM: One bedroom apartment with studio
CLIENT: Private

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Viacheslav Kyrpach

The apartment belongs to mixed typology: poly-functional studio is complemented with separated bedroom and wc with storeroom. The interior design was created for a young couple that aimed to get maximum simple space having an opportunity to get privacy in the night zone. Within the redevelopment one room apartment was modified by deforming geometry of remaining partitions in order to get open-space polygon released from sharp angles and inefficient transits. The common shape of partitions is repeated in decoration and furnishing details. A special attention was paid to designing divisions on furniture and wholes for it’s opening that both gave it unusual look and made it more holistic in its geometry in regard with the whole interior and decreased the costs for additional handles as these one make the facade solid in borders of one plane. A high-located window between kitchen zone and bedroom serves an additional light source for a cooking nook. Kitchen island serves both an additional working surface for cooking zone, shelves for wine keeping and dinner table-transformer for 3-5 persons.

A triangular 60˚ grid is taken as a modular system of open-space volume. Full-size triangles are represented as polyurethane panels on the walls and pieces of mirrors of the same size, that parcel into smaller parts towards wide studio’s window as a fractal.
Working space is partly separated from the rest of open-space with a glass closure the form of which widens by a modular structure of path where chances to hit its ledge is minimized. So what does the parametric design consist in. unlike the wall behind the tv set the partition is saturated not with right triangles but with parametric curves rhodonea that in this case close towards the place where it is necessary to exclude visual connection (between place in front of display and rest place on the sofa). The parameter influences the form openness/closeness of flower petals of triangular rhodonea , and the logic of realization is following: background is half transparent satin glass, that lets the light through thou blurs the image and increases the privacy of working zone, while rhodoneas are made of transparent glass.
The partition is supplemented with curtain that acts the same way having the same pattern and can be totally shifted. Mirror in studio contains a pattern of fractal parceled parametric rhodoneas that get totally opened to the human’s height level.

contemporary one bedroom apartment

Studio’s openspace: view to the workspace zone.

openspace design in apartment interior

Openspace: view from the kitchen island to the tv.

open space interior in kyiv

Openspace: view to the kitchen part.

kitchen in open space of studio apartment

Openspace: view from the workplace to the studio’s entrance.

contemporary apartment: [lace for work

Openspace’s workplace

blue bedroom design in kyiv

Bedroom: view from the bed to the doors.

contemporary bedroom design in kyiv

Bedroom: view to the wardrobe.

original furniture design in bedroom

Bedroom: view to the bed.

contemporary bathroom design in kyiv

Bathroom: view to the basin.

fractal bathroom interior in kyiv

Bathroom: view to the toilet.

contemporary apartment interior design in kyiv

WC: view of the washing zone.

futuristic bathroom interior

WC: view of the bathtub and shower.

kyiv apartment design - plan drawing

Studio plan with furniture positioning.

interior design - shelves drawing

Pantry’s shelves drawings, mirror pattern and livingroom coffe table.

drawing of kichen island design

Drawing of the kitchen island with holes for vine bottles.

modern bed design grawing

Bedroom’s bed drawing with bedside tables.

algorithmic interior diagram - parametric rhodonea curve

Scheme diagram explains roses form changing with regard to insolation (glass pattern) and reflection (mirror needs).

Initial research
Parametric Rhodonea curve and attractor
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