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Sustainable Continuity

facadeof apartment's sales office

Sales office of Poetica residential block. The building demonstrates sustainable design approaches using cradle-to-cradle concept’s materials lifecycle and providing modularity and mobile parameters due to geo-pile basements and reassemble transportable frame, green roof, that protects from overheating in summer, decreases CO2 level and city canalization load and makes natural surroundings for visitors and pedestrians. Thus, project brings real values that matter to developer as well.

NAME: Sustainable Continuity
WORK NAME: Dehtiarivska/DHT
LOCATION: Dehtiarivska str., Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: site appx. 400 m2, building appx. 150 m2
DATE: 2017-2018
PROGRAMME: the project of apartment’s sales office
AWARDS: 1st prize in green roof nomination, Interior of the Year 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine
STATUS: Final completion stage

ARCHITECTURE:Dmytro Aranchii Architects
PROJECT TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Ihor Kishta, Aliona Bondar, Yevhen Kravchenko

First of all, it is an attractor, that can take the attention of the pedestrian and make them want to know the purpose of the building. Secondly, the green roof improves the ecological situation in the city of Kyiv. Possible, the use of green roofs will help Kyiv to truly take back the title of The Green City. Thirdly, the green roof creates a perfect place for the relaxation of visitors and the staff of the office.

Green roof is designed in a way that it can provide all season natural view of the building and local public space. Among client’s wishes was an idea of an easy dis/assembling of sales office for rapid location change. That’s why a structural frame possibility to disassemble was taken into account (into maximal transportable surface) for mobility, besides, with minimal damage to installation location. Thus, geo-piles were chosen for the foundations, that are an ecological choice, cause provide the smallest intervention into the eco-system.

green roof in autumn

It rises from the ground, and takes a tail of grass with it

office with green roof in kyiv

The plants of the roof are chosen in such a way so that it can be a main beauty of the building in any season of the year

einter look of office with green roof

Greenery in winter is especially beautiful

beautiful green roof in kyiv

Red sheaves in autumn. Isn’t that a Poetica?

interior of enso'ds sales centre

Interior of the sales office contains physical model of Poetica residential block that is visible through the main facade from the main sidewalk of Dehtiarivska str.

parametric office interior for developer enso

Reception desk is welcoming the guests

interior of office in kyiv parametric

The main space provides a place for communication with clients

interior of of apartment's sales office

Modular seats can be reconfigured as needed

interior of of apartment's sales office for enso

Greenery is also present in the building’s interior

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