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Recursion rings are made for real couples and form one unit when combined like their owners. The integral geometric figure is formed by the continuation and combination of lines and relief of products. However, the ring looks good on one person to.

NAME: Recursion ring
DATE: 2017
PROGRAMME: Wedding rings, which when combined create a uniform shape, and can be easily changed parametrically
ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
DESIGN: Dmytro Aranchii
COLLABORATION: Myroslava Kozar Jewelry

The Recursion Ring was modelled in such a way that it was easy to parametrically resize, change thickness and other characteristics. Thus, 3D printing technology makes it possible to reproduce the design as accurately as possible and ensures the accuracy of the intended proportions, regardless of the size and gender of the owner.

The Recursion Ring is available in silver but can be made in any colour of gold if desired.

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