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Nochvy. Kitchen sink without redundancy

ukrainian deign kitchen sink

Nochvy is a kitchen sink designed to subordinate form to the function. Nochvy are made of artificial stone so that it can be organically integrated in a kitchen table-top. Collector is triangle inclined surface and it helps to create very holistic image and improves functionality.

MATERIALS: artificial stone
SIZE: 800 x 450 mm, sink from below 400 450 mm, sink from above 500 x 450 mm
PROGRAMME: kitchen sink with collector that can seamlessly integrate into the kitchen table-top.

ARCHITECT: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
DESIGN: Dmytro Aranchii
PROJECT TEAM: Aliona Bondar, Ihor Kishta, Yevhen Kravchenko

The main motivation for creating was a will to make an easy in fabrication and practice product that, despite of its modern form, can be minimally integrated in any kitchen of our century.

hello we are from ukraine kitchen sink

Nochvy is modern Ukrainian product that is designed by Ukrainian designers and made by Ukrainian manufacturer.

minimalistic kitchen sink from Ukraine

Acrylic artificial stone was chosen for its quality of seamless integration, flexibility during termomorphing and uniformity in the entire thickness.

parametric modern kitchen sink from ukraine

Photo of kitchen sink Nochvy implementation in Black Octopus interior

parametric kitchen sink

Collector is made of incline (as it is made in architecture of flat roofs). This distinguishes Nochvy from many products that are presented in the market, that have milled hole for water diversion, where there are always lots of trash that can’t be easily collected.

kitchen sink for modern kitchen

Photo of kitchen sink Nochvy implementation in interior

kitchen sink drawing
daa nochvy ukrainian kitchen sink
kitchen sink by architect

You can choose any color for your «Nochvy» sink . Also, it can meet standards of «cradle-to-cradle» certificate.

nochvy kitchen sink by ukrainian architect
kitchen sink made of artificial stone

Visulisation of kitchen sink Nochvy in interior

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