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Eco Park

Eco park in the city of Kyiv

Eco Park promotes sustainable development and innovation in construction. At the same time, it is a public space where it is pleasant to spend time in nature with the whole family, with friends, or alone.

NAME: Eco Park
LOCATION: Kyiv, Ukraine
AREA: appx. – 15,000 m2
DATE: 2020
PROGRAMME: Exhibition space of innovative constructionSTATUS: Concept

ARCHITECTURE: Aranchii Architects
DESIGN: Dmytro Aranchii
PROJECT TEAM: Bohdan Hadzhylov, Viktoriia Kuzmyna, Vladlena Volhushyna, Anna Sotnik, Anhelina Hladushevska, Yevhen Kravchenko


The eco-park is designed as a recreation park but with an educational mission. Innovative building solutions will be presented on the territory. There is an exhibition area, as well as spaces for lectures. All this together will help to spread visitors’ knowledge about the latest advances in science and technology in the construction industry. There are many possible functions for visitors recreation: walking routes, cafes, an observation tower with a reservoir for rainwater at the top, playgrounds, interactive educational installations, photo areas. There are many bicycle parking lots and bicycle paths on the territory to attract the community of cyclists of the city. A which collects rainwater and stores it for the technical needs of the park, flows through the whole area. At the same time, the stream provides water entertainment for children and adults and refreshes visitors on hot days.


The park is one continuous relief. Buildings not higher than one or two floors, as if built into it and do not disturb the feeling of being in the wild. All buildings have a large area of ​​translucent structures so that visitors, even indoors, do not lose touch with nature and receive sufficient natural lighting. The walkways are designed to rise above the grass level not to interfere with the formed ecosystem of the area, and each insect could move freely without risking being crushed by man.


Sustainable development is the leitmotif of the whole complex. In addition to learning how to achieve sustainability in the construction industry, the complex embodies the basic postulates. All buildings in the area – are made of metal or wood, materials that are easier to use after the end of the life of buildings. Although the glazing area will be large, the reuse of special glass will limit excessive heat loss on the premises. All the complex structures are planned to be mounted on piles. The paths will be raised above ground level. If necessary, the whole complex can be easily dismantled and restore the nature that was disturbed. A rainwater recirculation system includes a large tank on the observation tower, water collection from the roofs, and a stream that runs along the tracks.

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