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Milan Fashion Pavilion

The main objective of the Fashion Pavilion project was to create an object that carries not only aesthetic value but also serves as an indicator of a strong connection between architecture and clothing design. The result is not the architecture that quotes fashion design, but fashion that speaks unanimously with architecture and fashion design.

NAME: Milan Fashion Pavilion
LOCATION: Milan, Italy
AREA: 3 500 m2
DATE: 2019
PROGRAMME: Pavilion for fashion performances that combined with the function of public space
STATUS: Concept

ARCHITECTURE: Dmytro Aranchii Architects
TEAM: Dmytro Aranchii, Anhelina Hladushevska, Yevhen Martynenko
INTERNS: Victoria Kuzmyna, Valerii Shabunevych, Vladyslav Cykal, Anna Vyshnevetska

Created on the basis of computational methods form has smooth bends and clear lines, similar to the folds of light tissue. The structure of the object consists of a modular lattice consisting of dodecahedrons. The complex of pavilions shows a phased process of development of the initial form into the final one.

3D space for Transform clothing collection for Sqviral brand

architectural space for sqviral clothing collection

Parametric architectural space for designer`s clothing brand Sqviral. Virtual environment was created to serve an expositional background for Transform collection and complements general idea of transformation.